DIDXchange Advanced VoIP DID Phone Number Search Demos at ITW

DIDXchange announces new VoIP DID phone number search features. Wholesale communications related companies can search for national and international VoIP DID phone numbers with crucial filters to meet the myriad of their business and consumer customers' needs. The task of advanced search is available to complete via web portal or API. Experience live demos at ITW in Chicago May 10 - 13, 2015.

​The award-winning DIDXchange announces new and advanced VoIP DID phone number search features. Wholesale communications related companies can search for DIDs that are national and international with filters highly applicable to meet the myriad of their business and consumer customers' needs. The task of advanced search is available to complete manually within each DIDX buyer web dashboard and/or via the DIDX buyer API. VoIP companies have the ease of one stop with DIDXchange's millions of VoIP DID phone numbers of 65 countries. 

"We have a deep desire to make DID phone number sales, purchases, provisioning, and billing to be as efficient and effective as possible for our wholesale buyers and vendors. Last year, we set up new search functions for DID phone numbers to buy via digit, alpha, and '*' for wild card; in increments of 1 and above; in a series or random set; specific six digit vendor ID; setup and recurring cost range; number of necessary incoming minutes included; vendor rating range from '1' to '8;' support of T38, Calling Card, Caller ID, Caller ID Name, and SMS; status on required legal documents and telecommunications regulations compliance; and number of channels. In turn, our vendors can establish buyer accounts for research, a very handy and unique tool not available in traditional DID selling business. An interesting fact is that at least 20 % of our wholesale members sell DIDs on DIDXchange and also buy from other DIDX members and then resell to their customers. With VoIP DID phone numbers from 65 nations, that's a good choice," Muneeb Iqbal, COO of DIDX, shares.

DIDXchange recently participated in the COMPTEL PLUS Spring Expo in Orlando where they were able to give demonstrations of the advanced search functions. The team at ITW (International Telecoms Week) where hundreds of our wholesale customers, some of the brightest and most respected telecommunications mobile operators, service providers, enterprise contact centers, CLECs and other IP communications entities, will congregate with us. We have rolled out some exciting, new features for advanced search this month, in fact, in the midst of exciting preparation for ITW conference to provide the ability to search for DID numbers starting with a certain set of digits at the beginning and/or end of the number and also a certain set of alpha characters at the beginning or end of a choice number. The criteria choices include also that the number can contain those digits or alpha characters in any order OR within the number exactly equal to the order of those digits or alpha characters.

INTERNET TELEPHONY is proud to grant Super Technologies, Inc. the 2009 Product of the Year Award for its DIDX.net. Super Technologies, Inc. has proven its commitment to quality and excellence while addressing real needs in the wholesale marketplace.

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The DIDXchange platform guides all types of telecommunications entities—wireless, operator, service provider, VoIP and more—to complete their totally scalable global solution for as local or expansive geographically as is needed. Those who sign up to use DIDXchange are able to achieve practically immediate strategic partnerships with thousands of respected operators and service providers in over 100 nations for their top quality inbound SIP trunks and VoIP DID phone number needs. 

Sunesys explained so well recently at COMPTEL PLUS, "Don't let your network become irrelephant." DIDXchange enables its customers to be relevant, to grow their networks; to say, "Yes," to their clients more often; and to have what their clients need all the time. The expense of setting up agreements with individual carriers one at a time for DIDs can be time-consuming and expensive. The solution at DIDX.net is composed of one interop, one agreement and access to millions of phone numbers from 65 countries in one place, extending the reach of networks as large or small as needed. It takes care of marketing and sales for vendors and takes care of billing and customer service for buyers. DIDXchange is the time-saver, network-expander, profit increase, and customer retention maker of telecommunications providers' dreams.

DIDXchange extends an invitation to communications over Internet businesses to participate in International Telecoms Week, scheduled May 10 - 13, 2015 at the Hyatt Regency Hotel & Swissotel. DIDXchange will share at a dedicated booth crucial demonstrations and the opportunity to sign up and start using the world's most empowering VoIP DID phone number marketplace. Meet Muneeb Iqbal, Rehan Allahwalla, Zeyani Chrissani, Suzanne Bowen and other DIDX team members to plan your successful VoIP business. Register for the ITW conference at http://www.internationaltelecomsweek.com today.

About DIDXchange
Super Technologies, Inc., a 1999 technology start-up in Pensacola Beach, FL area, collaborates with the globe's movers and shakers in the fields of telecommunications via DIDXchange, literacy education via Rehan University, and small business start-ups via 100 Million Businesses. Sign up to get started with DIDXchange at http://www.didx.net.

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