CrowdsUnite Emerges as a Crowdfunding Resource to Help Users Find their Best-suited Platforms

CrowdsUnite has become the largest crowdfunding review site and resource, and is continuing to branch out internationally.

by Lucy Zhang

CrowdsUnite is a crowdfunding resource, directory and review site that directs people to specific crowdfunding platforms that best suit their needs. It was founded in 2012 by CEO Alex Feldman, a graduate from New York University. Currently, it has become the largest review site and contains over 800 different crowdfunding platforms. Because of the booming new crowdfunding industry, Feldman emphasizes the need for a resource to review these different sites for their functionality, customer service, and transparency. The main issue with crowdfunding, he claims, is that it is possible to run a fraudulent campaign and run away with the donors’ money.

CrowdsUnite has recently branched out into the emerging international crowdfunding platforms. Crowdfunding platforms catering to specific countries such as the Singapore-based site, Crowdtivate are emerging at a rapid pace. Nevertheless, according to the country-based CrowdsUnite filter, many sites founded in the United States can be used internationally; crowdfunding does not have to follow geographic borders. Now, CrowdsUnite is including a growing number of crowdfunding platforms in Asia, Latin America, Europe, and Africa.

"What Amazon did for retail, we want to do for the crowdfunding industry."

Alex Feldman, CEO and founder

The CrowdsUnite team also maintains a blog and newsletter where they analyze data on the website to create infographics. For example, they created an infographic depicting the top 10 crowdfunding sites. They have also created posts explaining why popular crowdfunding sites such as Kickstarter are not ranked number one. CrowdsUnite is currently focusing more on crowdfunding in education and research, examining platforms best suited for STEM-related projects.

An additional resource on the site is the experts tab, which lists crowdfunding lawyers, accountants, videographers, and promotional services. Feldman states that these professionals are pivotal to successful crowdfunding campaigns, especially in helping people understand the new legal procedures after the signing of the JOBS act. For those who want to create their own crowdfunding platforms, CrowdsUnite provides a list of helpful resources.

Feldman also hosts crowdfunding classes and speaks at entrepreneurial or business-related conferences hosted by the Soho Loft in New York City. He hopes to educate more people about crowdfunding and help users choose reliable platforms to launch their project campaigns. His ultimate goal is for CrowdsUnite to become the “Yelp” of the crowdfunding world.

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