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At Connect, managers and associates are committed to maintaining a positive work environment. Therefore, the team has been reinvigorating their efforts to establish a successful team-based culture that reflects their mission.

“We are first and foremost a team,” said Rachel O’Hara, Connect’s CEO. “Everyone is expected to play by this rule. We value associate input and contribution at all levels. It’s how we continue to thrive and expand. Our company is growing because we’ve put the emphasis on building a successful team culture.”

Rachel described the characteristics of such a culture. “It’s all about positively. We don’t allow negative attitudes to take hold,” she said. “The way to do this is to be transparent. Let your team know what the company’s overall goals are and how everyone contributes to achieving them. Keep the lines of communication open and engage your team in efforts to overcome obstacles. When people don’t have the answers, they surmise different realities. That’s when you risk rumors or negativity that lowers team morale.”

Goal setting is important for teams as well. “Once everyone understands the overall objectives, they should have specific metrics to monitor their progress,” Rachel explained. “When your team is able to track their momentum, great things happen. All of a sudden, you’ll see them collaborating on ways to reach that next goal. They’ll help each other succeed. This is what a successful team culture is all about.”

"We do all we can to make this a fun and supportive environment,"



“We do all we can to make this a fun and supportive environment,” Rachel added. “You’ll find when you walk into our office, there’s something exciting happening. It might be a contest or just a simple team-bonding activity, like afternoon sundaes. We’re all committed to success, for the brands, for the company, for ourselves.”

Connect Managers Announce Hiring Opportunities

Due to the company’s continued growth, Rachel announced that in the near future, Connect will have open sales and marketing positions. “We’re looking to hire talented, motivated individuals who are ready and willing to work in a team-based environment,” she said. “As you can see, we’re a tight-knit group. We welcome motivated individuals with success-driven work ethics and growth-oriented mind-sets to join us.”

Rachel noted that training is provided for new associates. “Our marketing methods are unique, so we spend time guiding new team members through the process,” she said. “If you’re willing to learn and grow, you’ll have plenty of opportunities to advance with us.”

“This is truly a great place to work,” Rachel concluded. “I enjoy seeing team members expand their knowledge and really achieve excellent results. This is what makes me happy to be part of Connect.”

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Connect is a results-driven provider of memorable and effective interactive marketing campaigns. By combining strategic planning with an unmatched talent for fast and efficient implementation, the firm provides consistent results for clients of all sizes. Connect utilizes a dynamic approach that makes an immediate impact and leads to long-term relationships between companies and customers. These mutually-beneficial bonds create lasting brand loyalty as well as sustained improvements in clients’ revenue streams. The company has built a reputation as an industry leader resulting in significant growth because of its team of highly-skilled branding specialists. Contact them today to learn more about how they help clients exceed even their most ambitious promotional goals. Check us out at

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