CMTP - Management Case Simulation Workshop at IPER

On 27th Aug., 2015 Management Case Simulation Workshop was organized at IPER Bhopal for MBA – I Semester students. Prof. Mahesh Soni & Dr. Hersh Sharma were course facilitators for the workshop. IPER provides A-class leadership qualities via several graduate and postgraduate courses. The case method has long been followed at IPER as an important method for training our budding managers. It is a method of learning based on active participation and cooperative or democratic discussion of a situation faced by a group. It mainly comprises of

•         Case base teaching

•         Movies Analysis

•         Simulation Exercises

The workshop focused on the utility of CMTP sessions where-in the students gain the opportunity to assume the role of a key decision maker in a business organization, developing their analytical skills, understanding the interrelationships of various functional areas of business and enabling them to develop valuable skills in time management, group problem solving, creativity and organization. In all 220 students were benefited by attending the workshop.

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