Classic Christianity Releases Second Printing of Daily Devotional

In a major comeback, after the closing of their publisher, Classic Christianity is releasing the second printing of the Christian devotional classic "Classic Christianity: A Year of Timeless Devotions, Vol. I and II."

​​​Nine out of ten people in the United States have a Bible at home, but 80% say it’s hard to understand. Half of all high school seniors think Sodom and Gomorrah were married.  Over 80% of churchgoers don’t read the Bible daily. We know the Bible is important; we just don’t know the Bible.

Today’s Christians need a game plan to stem the tide of Biblical illiteracy.

There’s an old answer to the old problem, “You can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make him drink,” and that is, “No, but you can salt the oats.” The key to helping believers find their way back into the Word is to create thirst for time with God in His Word. Classic Christianity: A Year of Timeless Devotions (ISBN: 978-1-944023-00-3 and 978-1944023-02-7) does this with impactful teaching, clarifying illustrations, and illuminating turns of phrase.  These two volumes will help believers understand the Scripture with an easy-to-use plan for daily devotional time.  

Readers will enjoy:

·         Daily devotions gleaned from a lifetime of Christian service

·         Teaching designed to challenge, encourage, uplift, and promote real spiritual growth.

·         Devotions which are profound and deep enough for long-time Christians, plain enough for new believers, and challenging for everyone.

·         Devotions that are conveniently laid out in a two-page format with a key verse, and expanded Scripture reading, teaching on the passage, and a prayer.

The late Dr. D. James Kennedy, Ph.D., of Coral Ridge Presbyterian Church and well-known television and radio speaker remarked that the Rev. L. A. Meade “had a broad vision of life, a brilliant talent for expressing himself, and a deep Christian faith worth sharing with others…May God prosper and bless your efforts to share (these devotionals) with as large an audience as possible.”

Classic Christianity: A Year of Timeless Devotions Volumes I and II are based on the compiled life work of internationally known pastor and evangelist, the Rev. L. A. Meade. A graduate of McMaster University Divinity College, Rev. Meade preached and taught across the United States from 1914 to 1965.

During his years of ministry, L.A. was commended across denominational lines as having the highest scriptural and personal integrity, as well as teaching that was compelling, inspired, sincere, and productive of enduring spiritual growth. Preserved for a generation and recently discovered, the Rev. L.A. Meade's writings have been edited and revised into a remarkable resource combining the tender mentorship of a grandfather with the approach of a true scholar of the Word. 

The Rev. Meade’s granddaughters, Patricia and Cara, were helping their mother move when they spotted dusty boxes in the attic rafters. At a glance they recognized the fountain pen flourishes. Here, bound up with string and forgotten for a lifetime, were their grandfather’s writings. The words of truth and reassurance poured off the pages. Marveling at the timeliness of the teaching, the sisters recall, “What we had in our hands needed to be shared.”

Thus began the journey to bring this ageless teaching into print to meet the needs of modern believers. The topics are not only relevant to life in today’s world, but are startlingly current – pointing to the timelessness of a life based on Scripture. Classic Christianity is pleased to announce the second edition of what is sure to become a classic bible companion.

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