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The second China International Game Conference (CIGC)launched and sponsored by 37Games has just concluded on this March 7th at Zhu Hai, China

The second China International Game Conference (CIGC)launched and sponsored by 37Games has just concluded on this March 7th at Zhu Hai, China, attracting the active participation from a lot of game companies, game practitioner and media. Except for that many games of high quality has been newly published on this conference, a wonderful speech from CEO Xu Zhigao who is responsible for mobile games of 37Games has been given regarding the mobile game growing status and trend. 

Three trends of Chinese mobile games in 2015 

More competitive. The quality of the mobile products is growing steadily, bringing back the products themselves become the core competitive factor. As the traditional client and browser game companies also stepped into the mobile game business, it's hard to make a game to be "successful". 

If 2014 is the year for publishing, then 2015 will be a year to contend for channels and users. Since one player can play at least two mobile games at the same time, but few players will choose the low quality game since they always have multiple choices. Making the game to be more competitive will be the main task for both the game developers and publishers. 

More Open. How to performs well in the field of mobile games will be annotated further. In the near future, the regularity as well as the norms of the mobile game market will be formed without any doubt. At that time, the competitiveness will be centered on a company's comprehensive strength and the cooperation based on the investment and financing relationship will be more common. 

More Serious. With the innovation of the mobile game technology and the upgrading of players' terminal device with the optimization of the Internet environment, the serious game will be quickly pushed to market. Accordingly, how to realize the heavy traffic will be a new challenge to us all. As speculated that the action mobile games will be a hot topic in the future. 

"Not all the card games are not good enough. There is a big problem for such games. It's maybe successful today but will soon be unpopular tomorrow," Mr.Xu said "But the action game has a new spotlight, it can form a continuous paying. We have reached an internal decision that we won't promote card game this year."

The market always changes and the mobile game regularity will change accordingly. To keep yourself invincible, you have to pay close attention to the market dynamics.

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