Chiropractor Launches Done-for-You Spanish Videos to Help Doctors Treat More Hispanic Patients

Dr. Jose Guevara has developed "The Hispanic Patient Gold Mine", which contains Done-for-You Spanish online videos to get new patients from the UNTAPPED Hispanic population WITHOUT speaking Spanish.

Chiropractor and savvy online marketer, Dr. Jose Guevara, has announced he'll introduce to the Chiropractic profession an innovative, done-for-you video marketing product that will help doctors reach the underserved and untapped Hispanic population.

"I've been doing online video marketing for the past 4 years and it is the number 1 FREE traffic generator for my clinic", stated Dr. Guevara.  "When I saw how powerful YouTube videos were, I started making videos in Spanish and I quickly realized how easy they were to rank due to the fact that other Chiropractors were not marketing in Spanish".  

Constantly creating new videos that resonate with the Hispanic audience, Dr. Guevara has seen his YouTube channel grow to over 5 million views and has acquired a raving fan base.  Dr. Guevara elaborates, "The Hispanic market is wide open and Chiropractors cannot continue to ignore their continuous growth, $1.5 trillion spending power, and over-whelming use of the internet.  All Chiropractors need someone who is bilingual on staff, this is no longer an option".

As if Dr. Guevara knew what was coming, Google recently released an article called "Your Next Big Opportunity:  The U.S. Hispanic Market", which states that online searches in Spanish have nearly doubled in the past 3 years.  Hispanics are power users of mobile and spend more than 8 hours per month watching online video - that's over 90 minutes longer than the U.S. average.  But despite these facts, these consumers are vastly underserved, and the opportunities to reach them through digital remain largely untapped.

"I started getting local phone calls on a daily basis from my online videos, but when I started getting calls from all over the U.S. and emails from people all over the world, I knew I had to share this with my colleagues", states Dr. Guevara.  That's when he created "The Hispanic Patient Gold Mine", which consists of 20 Done-for-You videos in Spanish that doctors can customize with their practice information to increase traffic to their website and serve more patients.

"We teach doctors how to optimize these videos so Hispanic patients in their city can find them and we highly recommend they have a bilingual receptionist or assistant in the office to help with translation."  As per Dr. Guevara, "This system also allows chiropractors to have an overwhelming presence online WITHOUT paying an internet marketing company a monthly fee, which makes this system a no-brainer".

Since the chiropractic field is so competitive, more chiropractors are coming on board and investing in The Hispanic Patient Gold Mine system with Dr. Guevara.  These videos give you the ultimate competitive edge because not many doctors use online video marketing and even less use them to market to Hispanics.  This innovative approach to marketing in today's economy offers chiropractors the power to fluorish in practice and see more cash paying patients.

If you're a chiropractor looking to create new possibilities and dramatically improve the number of cash patients you see in your office, visit


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Dr. Jose Guevara has developed "The Hispanic Patient Gold Mine", which contains Done-for-You Spanish online videos to get new patients from the UNTAPPED Hispanic population.