Champagne for Two: Relaxing Days Out in the Aube's Vineyards

Grower Champagne Tours announces two Summer tours in the Aube's vineyards

The Aube produces world-renowned champagnes. Grower Champagne Tours wants to introduce couples to the best champagne houses in the department without the worry of having to drive.

The first is based in Troyes and the second in Bar-Sur-Aube. Each tour will  include a cellar visit and four tastings. Couples will be introduced to the champagne making process by the maker or a member of his family. Relaxed tastings allow for a friendly exchange on a wide range of topics. There's also the possibility of buying fine champagnes at reasonable prices.
Three or four-star hotels in Troyes and Bar-Sur-Aube, as well as restaurants, can be recommended. There's also the possibility of staying in gîtes with the vineyards on the doorstep. 

Most visitors to the region come as couples and cellar visits and tastings are top of the list of activities. “ I don't want couples worrying about who is the designated driver,” said Jon Catt. He wants couples on his tours to be able to sit back and enjoy the passing landscape and picturesque villages. He  wants above all for couples to get a taste of the sweet life that is so typically French. 

Jon Catt is a qualified regional tour guide for Champagne-Ardenne. He has a long experience of taking groups of all sizes to champagne houses. He speaks fluent French and acts regularly as interpreter in grower champagne houses.

Contact Information

Jon Catt
Grower Champagne Tours
11 Rue Docteur Roux,
100000 Troyes
03 25 73 74 52


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