Avoid Holiday Pounds Using the 30-30-30 Rule

Personal Trainer Michael Suarez shares his 30-30-30 theory on keeping weight off during the holidays.

Personal Trainer Michael Suarez of Lean Body Fitness is a certified nutritionist. Michael developed the 30-30-30 plan for people wanting to avoid gaining weight during the holidays.   These tips keep L-B-S down without going into complete hibernation during the festivities.

Michael studied at the National Personal Training Institute in Philadelphia. Michael shared his theory considering the average person gains 1-2 pounds during the holiday season. While that doesn't sound like a lot, those couple pounds are harder to get off once the season is over.  The 30-30-30 rule allows over- indulger's to be guiltless no matter how many times goodies, snacks, and pastries in their faces.

"The 30-30-30 rule" Explains Suarez. " is an efficient method for controlling weight.  Eat 30 grams of protein, 30 minutes after waking up, and spend 30 minutes doing aerobic activity such as running in the morning.”

Michael continues “This picks up the fuel needed for a busy day.  By eating protein and exercising first thing in the morning gives the body the right start for metabolizing.” He also suggests, “stay away from anything that comes in a bag, box or carton and always cook at home.”  Michael goes on to mention this time of year people eat more sweets, bread stuffing, and gravy.  These types of foods cause metabolic destruction making it harder to burn calories.

Consider eating leftovers like turkey, ham, brisket, shrimp, and cheese since these are excellent sources of protein for early morning energizers.

Make time in the morning after eating a reasonable breakfast to get in a quick workout.  Don't neglect to exercise just because it’s a busy time of year.  Mornings are easier to fit in routines since everyone has after-work schedules that are amplified.  By scheduling, early workout times will exonerate guilt.

Michael finishes by saying "Enjoy the cheesecake, just eat less of it. If you want to indulge have a few glasses of Red Wine or Vodka with Diet Soda make smart choices and the weight will stay off. This time, of year should be enjoyable.  Which is easier to do with a routine like the 30-30-30 rule."

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