Author B.A. Shields Announces the Re-Release of First Two Novels in Pandemic Dawn Series to High Anticipation

"Pandemic Dawn" a series of novels from rising author Bruce A. Shields has become a hugely popular set of "apocalyptic fiction". Taking place post a pandemic that has left humanity in shambles and on the verge of extinction, the series has quickly built a loyal following, drawn in by its dark adventure. Recently the author announced the first two novels have been re-released due to strong demand

The end of the world may not be a single event, but an ongoing process.  That's one of the premises of Bruce A. Shields' “Pandemic Dawn” series of novels that explore the adventures of Karl "Lunk" Taylor – a man who finds himself in a future devastated by a virus that could spell the ultimate end for humanity.  Shields recently announced in response to reader demand the first two books in the series “Pandemic Dawn, Book One” and “Rise of the State: Pandemic Dawn Book Two” have been re-released to huge anticipation.

“I'm happy to have the first two books widely available again, especially since 'Pandemic Dawn Book Three: Day of Abomination' will be available in April 2015,” commented the author.  “This series is absolutely my passion, and I think my readers are going to be blown away to see the twists and turns the Pandemic Dawn plot line is taking.  Prepare for a wild ride.”

A.C., remarked in a five star review of Pandemic Dawn Book One, "This book is so very different from many of the post-apocalyptic themed stories I have ever read. Clear an afternoon, have something to drink and snacks ready for this book because you will not want to put it down. It's been a long while since I have read a book that's placed me on the edge of my seat. This is that book! I found myself supporting characters, cheering them on and then disliking a few others. I start the second book this evening and I cannot wait to see what happens. This book will not let you down!"
The book series is available on, Barnes & Noble and elsewhere in both paperback and electronic formats.

Bruce A. Shields comes to writing fiction from a background in science and robotics, a combination many credit for the very hard hitting, but believable fiction he has been delivering in this popular series.

Reviews from readers have been wildly enthusiastic.​



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