As a Simple Scalable IT Automation Platform, Flint Offers Hybrid-Model Capabilities of Orchestration & Automation

Like many other products, this product story too has its roots in the dissatisfaction from the existing products in Market.

While Abhishek Pande & Ankur Gakkhar working in the Domain of Cloud & IT Orchestration, they experienced the pain of customers when it comes to the adoption of new tools/products. Customers were actually seeking simple solutions which can solve their problem utilizing existing skills and workforce with a lesser investment of time, money and specialized team.

They wanted to get this sorted while working as Architects/Consultants in premier organizations of the related domain. But Life had other things in store for them.

“We teamed ourselves and started working on an idea of a flexible & scalable platform which is simple to use and comes at low-cost for the customer. A product that doesn’t need specialized workforce for its implementation & use. The motive was to solve the problems that we have been experiencing while working with the customers.”…says Abhishek.

Infiverve & Flint

Infiverve Technologies was set-up on October 27, 2013. It is currently operational in two verticals - Products and Services. After working with few early customers from U.S., Australia & Singapore; it did not take long for Infiverve to take next step towards their passion of bringing an IT Automation Platform.

“We were thinking of the right name for our kid (product) and thought of many of those; finally we came with this interesting name ‘Flint’ - primitively used for manufacturing of tools. For us, a platform for building solutions” …says Ankur.

FLINT IT AUTOMATION PLATFORM- is now been launched in its beta stage and is available for free download.

What’s Flint all about?

With the advent of new technologies like Cloud – DevOps - IOTBigData, enterprises are moving from siloed applications to a need for standard solutions. They are looking for a hybrid model of orchestration & automation for their disparate IT systems, infrastructure, and applications.

Flint is an IT Process Automation & Orchestration Platform for IT systems and enterprise applications in the cloud or on premise.

It lets you design workflows as simple Ruby/Groovy scripts and then makes them scalable and accessible via REST API.

It is unique in the very combination of Automation and Orchestration capabilities with principles like- Automation as Code, Orchestration as Code, and Workflow as Code.

What’s in the future?

According to Infiverve, they have a well-designed product roadmap with interesting features and components. The idea is to provide & benefit customers with pre-built compact solutions on top of Flint platform. Solutions like SharePoint Site Lifecycle Management, Cloud Service Orchestration, and Automation as a Self-Service are some of these.

As per them, they are quite flexible with the roadmap and listen to customers and early adopter’s wish list for prioritizing the upcoming features.

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