Antilog Vacations Plans to launch all in one travel application

To facilitate customers all across the globe, Antilog Vacations, an online travel firm plans to launch a magical app that would help travelers to plan their own trips, customize packages and cashless booking.

Chandigarh-based on-line travel firm Antilog Vacations today announced to launch an application that would facilitate trip planning holiday buying and cashless travel in a single app accessible through mobile / web apps.

Informing about this new app, Abhishek Jaiswal co-founder, Antilog Vacations said “We are working on this application which would empower customers to update their packages on the go, plan trip as they desired and holiday buying through a single application.

"However, Antilog Vacations won't mind collaborating for fundraising if we get a right partner "

Abhishek Jaiswal

Co-founder, Antilog Vacations

He further added that travel is no longer an annual event and people want to experience more and more. Today traveling is all about fun and users have become more and more tech savvy.

Keeping the interest and concern of present and potential customers in mind, we soon hope to come up with this all in one application. Currently, this application is in preliminary stages and once the final draft is completed soon it will be available to the customers. 

Unlike other Conventional travel app, it is based on all in one technology where customers have multiple options and according to their needs and interests they could customize travel packages , plan their own trips, add and exclude destinations, compare prices and avail the service of cashless booking, features hard to find in any other travel application. 

Apart from this, many other features are synchronized in this app which includes complete information about latest travel deals, public transportation like route tracking, map, estimated travel time and cost, emergency numbers, good food guide and many more.

 In the Initial Phase, Antilog would launch this application in English-speaking consumer markets and then swiftly in French. Currently, it operates in 17 different consumer market- India, France, UK, US, Germany, and Japan among the major one and is continuously on the hunt to expand its business.

Since its inception in 2011, Antilog Vacations has evolved as a world leader in the luxury travel and has become the India’s biggest B2C companies offering outbound travel services to Mauritius, Maldives, Fiji, and Seychelles.

Presently, people from 156 countries are availing its services.  Antilog vacation saw a humble beginning from just an initial investment of Rs 70, 000 in 2011 to growing more than 1000% without any money from VC or PE and expects to become a billion dollar company in next two year. 


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