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Presentation of the European Programme WIMUST

The International Adkins Chiti: Women in Music Foundation will present the European Programme WIMUST - Women in Music Uniting Strategies for Talent on September 9th at Teatro Comunale di Fiuggi (Italy)

Towards a New Strategy for Equal Opportunities for Women in Music

The International Adkins Chiti: Women in Music Foundation, an Italian cultural organisation, partner within cultural agreements undersigned by the Italian Foreign Ministry, member of UNESCO's International Music Council and the European Music Council, internationally recognised for its activities to obtain recognition and visibility for women in the cultural sector, will present the Programme WIMUST- Women in Music Uniting Strategies for Talent on September 9th at Teatro Comunale di Fiuggi.

The main goal of the three-year programme WIMUST is the Encouragement of the adoption of the European Parliament resolution of 10 March 2009 on equality of treatment and access for men and women in the performing arts (2008/2182 (INI)), which has not been assumed by all the EU Member States, to increase the presence of female creators and their works in programming, reinforce official recognition of their number, presence and value, and mainstream their cultural diversity in public and cultural sectors.

Each year the Foundation will host a general meeting of representatives from every Women in Music/for Music Organisation in Europe for the investigation of mechanisms producing inequalities and statistics facilitating common policies.

One of the main objectives of this programme is the Updating of data banks for contemporary European women composers and creators of music in all fields in preparation for the publication of a European Yearbook for Women Composers and Creators of Music, which will be constantly updated.

The Foundation has planned diversified actions and events for the Trans-national mobility for women composers and music practitioners (including researchers and musicologists) to amplify professional skills, foster life-long creativity and encourage the passing on of knowledge, methodologies and strategies to other women in their countries.

Therefore, the Foundation will also host composers, musicologists and musicians from the EU State Members and from Italy to work with in Fiuggi during three months.

Women in Music organisations participating from the following countries: Austria - Cyprus - Czech Republic - England - Finland - France - Germany - Italy - Luxembourg - Montenegro - Netherlands - Rumania - Serbia - Spain - Sweden - Turkey.

Organisations participating as auditors: Belgium - Denmark - Liechtenstein - Poland - Slovenia

This work programme has been funded with support from the European Commission. This communication reflects the views only of the author and the Commission cannot be held responsible for any use which may be made of the information contained therein.

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