Predict And Prevent Violence Based On Person's Eyes Can Protect Loved Ones From Harm In New Report

Dedicated to providing self-improvement products, programs, and profiles through writing and speaking, talks about the importance of protecting the family dangers that lurk around using Sanpaku.

A long-standing global issue, crime and violence - and the prevention of which - is of paramount concern for low-level and wealthy communities alike. Coming in forms of murder, rape, robbery, assault, domestic abuse or domestic violence, burglary, theft or larceny and arson, among many others, these incidents of violence are prodding governments to come up with solutions keep society secure. In the same manner, people are taking the steps to know how to predict and prevent violence. is home to expert information, as well as seminars and courses that help people live life healthily and safely. Conducted from the unique perspective of reputable author and speaker Kathy Thompson, classes, seminars and programs for better living are customized to fit specific client needs.

Tackling violence at its roots, new report talks about Sanpaku, the condition that predicted the deaths of famous people Martin Luther King, Abraham Lincoln, Marilyn Monroe, John F. Kennedy, Indira Gandhi and Ted Bundy. Sanpaku is an Oriental term pertaining to a three-sided white part showing around the iris. Differing from usually perfectly balanced white areas between the upper and lower eyelids, Sanpaku commonly occurs among people who are exhausted or sick. It is most severe to those who are approaching death.

According to, the three-sided white around the iris is usually a cause for concern. Considered a warning, this condition indicates that the nervous system is "seriously out of balance" - with these persons' peripheral vision off, their intuition off, and their ability to comprehend situations and people weakened. Their mind, body, and spirit are "out of harmony" with the energies of the universe. notes that the "Yin Sanpaku" type - where a white part is showing under the iris - is common among drug addicts. This type of Sanpaku indicates dangers from outside forces. "Yang Sanpaku," on the other hand, shows the iris sinking down towards the bottom lid and reveals a violent character. The Yang condition indicates dangerous forces within a person.

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Interested clients can visit for more details about the productive and results-oriented programs offered. Website visitors will be able to find out more about how the eyes can indicate a person's level of stress and mental state from the new special report from Kathy Thompson titled "Predict & Prevent Violence" and can also download a free Stress Chart.

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