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Pre filing is one option in which you are allowed to file form 2290 even before IRS opens its gateways to accept your return. come and experience the magic only @, a prime product of ThinkTrade Inc is here to make an announcement about pre filing form 2290. Though IRS would start accepting the return only by July 1st, however, taxpayers can pre file the return online in order to receive their schedule1 copy as soon as the IRS gateway opens. There are chances to stay busy or the due date would simply slip out of the mind during the tax season and in such cases, pre-filing stands as the rescuer.

When form 2290 is pre filed online, the return is securely moved to our server and would be sent across to IRS by July 1st 2014 and schedule1 copy would reach the taxpayer's email id account by the first week of July. And this pre filing has an added advantage. Taxpayers can avail 10% discount on efiling service fee by applying the coupon code "LEADOFF14". Truckers who are always busy with deliveries or simply does not have much time as they are hauling all day, pre filing is the best option to get away from penalties and at the same time, pay your duties. However, do note, there is no extra charges applied to the offer, and it is merely for the benefit of the taxpayers filing with

Reasons for pre filing are many; however, one main reason that holds the power is that you are done with the obligations and you don't have to pay penalties for late filing. They are growing expensive.

So what is the difference between paper filing and efiling? When you paper file form 2290, the time duration to receive schedule1 copy is likely to be 5-45 days, whereas, with efiling, schedule1 copy is sent across immediately to the registered account and email id. With Efiling, everyone stays benefitted. However, taxpayers who are pre filing form 2290 would receive their schedule1 copy by July 1st week.
Also, this is an important information for Smartphone users. has its own iOS app and Android app for filers who are looking forward to file on the go. So end the thought process and get going with pre filing. It is simple, easy and authentic.
However, filing through your app does not mean our tax experts won't be around to support your queries. You can always reach us at 1-866-245-3918 or shoot a mail to We will be there almost immediately for your rescue.

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