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It is hard to promote a business and often potential customers are not even aware of the existence of a business that specializes in services which they are looking for. offers businesses a chance to connect to millions of customers who are living in thousands of cities all over the world. We offer free and paid classified ad posting services to individuals and companies that let them market and promote their services in thousands of cities located in close to 70 countries. Making it easier for corporate users offers a global platform to businesses from where they can selectively target the cities and categories where their services are the most popular. Free classified ads can be posted as many times as the user wants and in as many categories or cities that the business has a presence in. Paid members can do the same with a single listing and reach out to potential customers all over the world with just one click. Reach out to potential customers when they need your services Finding customers who are looking for services that a business deals in is very simple on .

The comprehensive search functionalities combined with powerful location and category arrangement makes it easy for businesses to respond to query that are directed at them or the services that they specialize in. With a broad array of categories and subcategories, businesses can get highly specific and target really niche audiences all over the world. Such categories allow companies and individuals to discover each other in an effective manner. A balance between business users and general users The global nature of the service is highly customizable, and businesses get multiple filtering options to ensure that their postings are only under the right categories.

Services like Auto Repost ensure that your ad keeps reaching the top of the list after regular intervals. Great care has been taken to create a platform that keeps in mind the needs of the consumer, as well as the needs of the business. A classified without the support of either would not be of much value, and ensures that our services benefit all members equally. Sponsored ads are also a feature which businesses can make use of to get featured across the entire website. Special algorithms ensure that all sponsored ads get equal views, in order to ensure that every business gets an equal chance to reach out to the community and be discovered by them. To make sure that businesses get a quality audience instead of an inactive community when they post an ad, we regularly monitor and moderate all postings. Strict measures are taken by the community moderators in order to ensure that has only the highest quality of listings. Any posting flagged by the community becomes moderated and upon review, if it is found that the posting violates out terms of use, it can also be removed. This ensures that low quality businesses which spam the community are identified and removed. With the support from business and personal users, we intend to create a platform where the best and most relevant services can be discovered exactly when the user most needs them.

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