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Yodelay.com are providing a series of pop up SEP training courses in the East of England this year, the first group of which take place in Norwich this May. Provided free of charge as part of the companies Social enterprise ethos

Yodelay.com will be offering free SEO training courses in Norwich, Norfolk, U.K. Each course is a day long seminar into how businesses can establish authority and relevance for their owned media online.

Recent surveys (Constant Contact) have highlighted the lack of SEO and digital marketing understanding amongst many SME's. 70% of which cited time and understanding as critical roadblocks to success. Yodelay.com is providing free SEO & digital marketing training coursesin May. Many organisations between the 1-50 employee level face awkward problems when deciding how to conduct digital marketing.

Smaller sized companies often have no choice but to conduct SEO and digital marketing campaigns themselves. this means acquiring knowledge and skill sets in house to do the work.
Larger organisations may already have offline marketing teams which are increasingly being co- opted into the digital marketing arena. Or they may have the budget to appoint an outsourced SEO agency.

In either scenario companies are faced with the task of gaining the knowledge and skills or a process of qualification as an outsourced agency is appointed.

U.K digital marketing consultancy Yodelay.com bridges the knowledge gap by providing highly sought after SEO training courses for free. Open to businesses in the east of England. These day long courses provide attendees with a range of digital marketing and SEO skills plus actionable strategies which to take back to their own business.

Providing the courses each year for free is just one way that Yodelay.com reaches out to the local business network and forms new connections.

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