Poor Ugly Dwarf Launches BouncyBean, a Game for IOS and Android

New indie game developer, Poor Ugly Dwarf, releases its first game: BouncyBean. Employing an innovative Tap-To-Own monetization plan, BouncyBean rewards players who touch ads by unlocking levels and eventually removing ads permanently.

From the first bean drop to the final soup creation, BouncyBean delivers casual, yet addictive gameplay. A cross between Pachinko and Pinball, players drop a bean and watch as it bounces its way around "Sky-Kitchen," collecting soup ingredients and bouncing off of fruit. Hit special beans to launch your bean in a new direction.

Unlike most ad supported apps on the market this game offers more than the simple "pay to remove ads" option. BouncyBean lets you tap your way to a completely ad-free game!

The Poor Ugly Dwarf implementation of Tap-To-Own allows players to touch an ad and play ad-free for thirty minutes. After 50 ads have been touched all ads are removed permanently.

"Of course BouncyBean allows a player to purchase the app outright." says Nicholas Murphy, COO of Poor Ugly Dwarf. "But we thought that approach alone was too limiting. So we are employing the Tap-To-Own monetization model in our first game. This model opens a new path for players to purchase a game without spending any of their own money. Let the advertisers fully pay for their game. It is our way of passing a slice of ad revenue directly to the player."

Inspired by the writing in the latest book by Jaron Lanier ( 'Who Owns The Future' ), the Poor Ugly Dwarf team fashioned their Tap-To-Own ad model in such a way that app costs do not have to be the sole burden of the player. With this model, a slice of every ad they touch is returned to the player and, once a given threshold is reached, their game is free. Free of ads, free of purchase, and free forever.

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Attention App Reviewers!
Poor Ugly Dwarf wishes to bribe and coerce you into reviewing our game. We will be releasing updates with new levels frequently. The first thirty interested reviewers who post a review of BouncyBean on their blog, website or Facebook page, will earn a spot as a "Guest Level Creator." We'll provide you with our in-house level editor and include one of your levels in a future release.

To learn more, contact: yhardisty@monkeybyte.com

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