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Pools of Wonder-Landscaping Tips and Trends for All Budgets

Landscaping tips and trends -learn how to create the backyard of your dreams on any budget!

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With the harsh winter season finally over and summer right around the corner, Connecticut landscaping and maintenance teams are hard at work transforming weather-beaten backyards into stunning summer oases. Whether you are in the market to install a new pool, reinvent your existing pool and landscape, or need a quick upgrade, there are exciting opportunities to fit every budget.

Nationwide, the demand for in-ground pools is on the rise. The American Society of Landscape Architects recently surveyed 179 residential architects. Of those surveyed, 73.8% said they expect pools to be somewhat or very popular in 2014. A possible explanation for the renewed popularity is today's pools can be customized to fit every yard, budget, and home's architectural style.

Pools are the heart and soul of the outdoor living space, and stylish, earth-friendly outdoor spaces with both natural and aesthetic appeal are popular trends for today's pools. Geometric pools, pools with built-in water features, exercise and infinity pools that require little space, and salt-water pools which resemble natural bodies of water and use no chemicals or devices top the list of must-haves for 2014. A landscape architect's careful unification of a swimming pool into its natural surroundings not only revives and refreshes the landscape, but also "increases a property's value from 8 percent to as much as 15 percent," according to the National Association of Realtors.

Redesigning, remodeling, or reviving a pool can be an expensive proposition and it is important to clearly and effectively communicate your goals and ideas with your designer. A reliable and experienced landscape architect will work closely with clients to review options, choose quality materials, and preserve elements that have sentimental value. Allan Broadbent, Lead Designer & Project Manager at The LaurelRock Company provided valuable insight, "When installing a new pool, a designer should think carefully about the uses in and around the pool, and make sure the pool is well-located, appropriately sized, and elegantly incorporated into the overall site composition. The pool should complement and seamlessly marry to its surroundings, both built and natural."

If a new pool installation or old pool demolition are not in your current budget, there are options for refreshing and improving the overall look and feel of the pool area without breaking the bank. One option is to remove the existing tile and discolored concrete decking and replace them with natural options such as limestone or granite. Another option is to work around the existing pool and create a secondary living space that tiers above or around the existing space. Third, consider swapping artificial elements for natural replacements. Do you have faux rocks surrounding your current pool? A new modern water feature, surrounded by natural rocks can change the appearance of the pool and establish a beautiful focal point.

Need a quick facelift? The addition of outdoor lighting, a pergola, or new plantings can also do wonders for the existing landscape and can make it much more inviting and exciting when entertaining family and friends, day or night. When selecting plantings it is important to consider the environment around a pool. Connecticut summers can be very hot and the pool environment can present challenges as it is often subject to harsh chemicals and insects. "The LaurelRock Company works hard to resolve any existing problems by selecting plants that are stronger than average, tolerant of a little abuse and not bee and insect magnets. There's nothing worse than swimming with 100 bees buzzing around your head," added Broadbent.

With every year come stunning new designs and new ways to create the pool of your dreams. Regardless of the size of your yard or the size of your budget, there are no limits to having your own backyard oasis—you only need to have the imagination to create it!

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