PLCC Plugs and PLCC making socket

PLCC Plugs are one of the finest products that help in connecting printed circuit board and your PLCC invention socket.

Santa Ana, California- May 2010: A-Flex is a premium Printed Circuit Board manufacturer offering world-class PLCC Plug to its clients and customers domestically and internationally. PLCC Plug build by A-Flex are robust, reliable, durable and the most cost effective. The company offers various PLCC Plugs that include PLCC -20 plug, PLCC -28 plug, PLCC -32 plug, PLCC -44 plug, PLCC -52 plug, PLCC -68 plug. These plugs are categorically molded and machined to offer the desired results for your business.

We have the best of facilities and advanced technologies to manufacture PLCC Plug and provide you finest PLCC Plug for your use. These plugs are crafted to offer a connection between the printed circuit board and PLCC production socket. The PLCC Plug in concern is attached to cable with the help of numerical coding that makes it easy to identify the plug to pin connection. Our devices are thoroughly tested and checked before sending it delivery to ensure maximum power pact performance.

All our PLCC Plugs approve reliable socketing and SMT insertion. The most important features that one must consider before buying are excellent performance, durability and stress reduction in the socket. A-Flex offers all this and more to provide its customers best of PLCC Plug, products and devices.
The price is very pocket friendly and can meet the requirements of various customers for different genres. With A-Flex you can be rest assured for quality and functioning.

We use the most excellent quality raw materials to manufacture our PLCC Plug and other products under the name of our company.

If you wish to learn more about PLCC Plug, visit our website http://www.a-flex.com/

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