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The following points below are the step to play fantasy cricket.

Cricket buffs need to create their own virtual IPL team of eleven players by randomly picking five batsmen and four bowlers, an all-rounder and a wicket keeper from various IPL teams and mix-match them for their team.

The virtual players chosen by them will earn points which are based on their real performance in the on-going IPL matches.

The points are given depending upon the number of runs scored and total number of wickets taken which includes effective catches and run-outs.

The team with the highest points wins the game and cash prizes instantly credited to the account.

It means the particular user have picked best players in the fantasy cricket team.

The IPL online cricket game is a dream comes true for cricket fans as they can select their dream team and watch them in action on the cricket field.

Cricket lovers can never get dissatisfied with the selection process as the virtual players have been solely chosen by them. Playing this game is very easy.

All that user need to do is first enrol them in that particular website which provides the users to play IPL Online Cricket games.

As said above, user need to create their dream team consisting of eleven players within the budget points allotted to them.

Users are in charge of their team's batting and bowling positions. Hence ensure that user strictly adhere to the player's levels of performance and not by favouritism.

Participate in IPL Online Cricket game not just to win, but to enjoy the thrill of owning an IPL team at no cost.

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