Pindoria Solicitors Ltd. launches SDLT mitigation scheme

Chief solicitors from UK initiate innovative strategy for Stamp Duty Land Tax (SDLT) mitigation for buying individuals, corporate, residential and commercial property.

Leading Asset protection solicitors have launched their new and innovative Stamp Duty Land Tax (SDLT) mitigation schemes and planning strategies starting with residential and commercial property purchases of over £500,000.

The planning is for individuals and corporate purchasing residential and commercial property over £500,000. Stamp Duty or SDLT on 100% of the purchase price is not charged based on advice from Tax Counsel.

There are no upper limits on property value. This gives a great deal of scope for savings on high value property transactions. The strategy allows our client's to make a substantial savings on the stamp duty payable. The tax paid is Nil and the fee is based upon a percentage of the property value.

A number of strategies have been developed and implemented based on defects in the relevant tax legalisation, and professionals continue to explore new ways of producing mitigation structures that successfully reduce SDLT.

The planning uses principles of property finance, taking advantage of a statutory relief from SDLT. The planning allows the client to raise mortgage funds in his own name and the structure does not dictate ownership

Counsel's Opinion

The mere fact of taking Counsel's advice, assuming Counsel advises that the proposed approach is legal, means that the client cannot be committing tax fraud. However, holding a Counsel's opinion does not necessarily mean that the tax planning is guaranteed to succeed. Counsel has simply expressed his view that, on the balance of probabilities, the proposed planning should succeed before the court if challenged.

Since the planning is based on the advice of Counsel, HMRC cannot show neglect: the client has taken the best possible advice in order to ensure that his actions were legal. Neither can HMRC show fraud because Counsel has advised the client that his actions are inside the law.

Counsel has confirmed that he stands by his opinion that the planning is strictly in accordance with the letter of the law.

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