Pindolo: A Real Entertainer

The app Pindolo has been released. Created by YED28 and available for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch in the App Store for $0.99.

The app was created to offer the users a daily "good morning" with entertaining contents, rendering the digital experience always enjoyable. Pindolo can be found in the sections Music and Entertainment.

The novelty in this app is the possibility to have contents of various kind in one single app, filling in an entertaining way this one minute of break or waiting that every user has in his daily life. Each day the contents change, to offer an always new involving experience.

Concept and Functionality:
It's quite refreshing to see an app (other than one that covers the news) change with each day. Instead of waking up and checking your Facebook feed or Twitter stream, you can open Pindolo and be entertained by something new. Cute animations and a lighthearted design will make for a fun start to anyone's day.

Each day Pindolo offers the user the possibility to:

- Listen to 5 songs in full length in streaming

- Read a memorable quote

- Smile whilst reading the comic strip. For one year, seven young talented illustrators that adapted their work especially for the visibility on the iPhone.

- Find out which celebrities' birthday it is and what special event took place on this very day

- Play one minute the Pindolo Game, throwing the Pindolo of the day and taking part in the classifications in Game Center.

- Value the weekly proposals of an album, a movie and a no-profit organization

- Enter the world of Pindoland on Facebook and Twitter to find new friends

- Share the most interesting contents in social networks or by email

- Enter the archive to see the contents of past days




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