Physicist Turns Business Audiences On To the Science Behind Innovation Success

Dr. Josef Martens, one of the international patent owners for Organic Light Emitting Diode displays, or OLED, flips the innovation switch "on" for corporate and government audiences during dynamic innovation keynote engagements.

Dr. Josef Martens--scientist, inventor and consultant to major world business leaders--announces the launch of a keynote speaking initiative and website,

Dr. Martens made his first big mark on the world before he had barely finished his Ph.D. in physics at University of Cambridge (1992), with ground-breaking work that led to multiple U.S., European, and International patents. Commercial applications of the technology resulted in a new product field that has grown into a multi-billion (U.S.) dollar industry--organic light emitting diode displays--OLED.

And where does a scientist who started his career with the invention of OLED, go from there? Not necessarily where you would think. In Martens' case, the role he is most passionate about today is that of speaker, storyteller, teacher, educator and guide to corporate, government, and association audiences hungry to tap into and uncover their organization's innovative potentiality.

Martens has "bottled" the science behind innovation success. Apparently this is the elixir that forward-thinking business leaders want their employees and work teams to dose up on in today's challenging global economy and marketplace. The evidence of that is in the name he has made for himself as keynote speaker, as well as innovation consultant. Clients include NASA, Daimler, Siemens, the U.S. Marine Corps, Merck & Co...and the list goes on.

A stickler for the application of rigorous scientific method--especially when carried out by a team--Martens began testing and observing the effectiveness of applying a scientific approach to the problem of cultivating and managing innovation processes in the business sector. The results held up, time and time again. His mission became clear; help businesses change the future by learning how to harness and manage innovation for bottom line results.

He's quite a guy. More buttoned-down looking than a rock star, he does have a big friendly smile, an enchanting German accent, and a fun-loving way of putting his audiences at ease, even while he makes big oddly-shaped ideas from science and physics go down easy. He does that by telling stories, citing examples, and delivering up practical no-nonsense solutions for real world results. Suddenly, everyone feels a little smarter and kind of excited to go back to work and try something new.

According to one unnamed source at Daimler, "Josef speaks physics and he speaks human."

Martens' keynote topics include such titles as, "The Future is Not What It Used to Be,: "Stratovision: Planning for the Future;" and "Building a Sustainable Innovation Pipeline."

To learn more about innovation in business and the science behind success, visit To inquire into Dr. Martens' 2012 speaking schedule and availability, complete this form.

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