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Phonegap Application Development: Revealing Some Unprecedented Key Benefits

PhoneGap application development framework, which enables developer to build native application for mobile technology. It compiles HTML, CSS and JavaScript on single platform.

PhoneGap application development framework, which enables developer to build native application for mobile technology. It compiles HTML, CSS and JavaScript on single platform. As the mobile industry is booming across the world, the application demand has also caught the acceleration.

Nowadays, apps are governing the personal and professional lifestyle of the users. Developing an application that can run on each device including, iPhone, Android, Windows Mobile and others, requires different frameworks and programming languages. Fortunately, PhoneGap has solved this by introducing platform that utilizes standards web technologies to build apps, which can natively interact with mobile"s features.

Presenting Amazing User Interface

The PhoneGap applications are built using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. The UI of a PhoneGap application is a web view. It covers 100% of the screen width and height.

PhoneGap framework deliver web content, without any aids of "chrome" or window decoration at web browser. PhoneGap utilizes the same WebView that is working on native operating system like Android or iOS. This platform has enabled coding compelling User Interface that entails smooth navigation, fluid-like scrolling effects and pleasing graphics effects. 

Handling Simplest Architecture To Serve Data

The PhoneGap application supports standard protocol, while sharing data. PhoneGap application works like a client in front of user. In which, it accepts the request form the user and send the request to the application server. Then, application server processes the request using back-end data at repositor and forward the result to the client-side application or PhoneGap application. The application server is web server just like Apache, IIS, etc. It works on scripting language such PHP, ASP, Java, .NET, Codefusion.

PhoneGap application supports back-end technologies. The application server can perform the different business logic and retrieves data from data repository - this is the form of relational database. 

PhoneGap Application: Packaging & Distribution

PhoneGap applications development is processed with the help of HTML, CSS and JavaScript. That is in binary form, which can be distributed through standard application ecosystems. The PhoneGap apps that are built for iOS operating system, the output is in the form of IPA file, for Android based operating system, the application is in XAP file format. These formats are used by native applications and are distributed through the same ecosystem that iTunes Store, Google Play or BlakBerry App world are utilizing.

Besides all these advantageous factors, PhoneGap is very flexible with native plug-in model. That means, user can write their own code for different plug-ins. PhoneGap comes with numerous of application programming interfaces (APIs) that ensure developer to easily access native operating system functionality by using JavaScript. Developer can build application logic with the help of JavaScript, and the PhoneGap API can handle communication with all the major native operating systems. 

In a nutshell, building application by using PhoneGap app development platform can surely save lots of cost and time for the developer or development industry. With the help of this framework, developer can code cross-platform, touch-optimized, domain-oriented, highly-interactive, mobile based application. Secondly, it can be marketed at the great extent without any complication.

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