Phone Remains No. 1 Customer Service Channel

Multichannel customer support - it's a must in this omnichannel age. But did you know that even in 2014 phone-based customer service still remains the most important customer service channel?Do you deliver the phone support the modern consumer wants?

Phone-based customer service is by no means a thing of the past. According to a recent Zendesk research held amongst 7.000 consumers in 7 countries 54% of the respondents point to the phone as their preferred customer service channel, followed by e-mail (48%) and online portals (27%). Moreover, when requests sent out by e-mail or social media are not answered within a day 55-71% indicate to revert to using the phone. At the same time, many companies still struggle to provide an excellent customer service experience, as only 7% of the respondents claim to be satisfied with the provided service. This means there still is a lot of work to do and a good place to start would be your telephone support channels.

The modern consumer expects and demands immediate service and satisfaction when contacting customer support and perceives the phone as the channel that provides the quickest response. However, simply installing a customer service phone line will not do the trick. Customers also expect friendly agents, short queue times, low calling costs and they don't like being transferred several times before they can speak to a capable agent. In short, the modern consumer knows what he wants: speed and excellence. Luckily, there's an easy way to make him happy: install toll-free phone numbers.

A toll-free number can be installed in over 100 countries worldwide and is free of charge for your callers. Moreover, with the help of intelligent routing calls to these numbers will directly be forwarded to the responsible agent or employee, which reduces queue times and provides your customers with a feeling of immediate gratification - and this gratification will not be limited to the customer. The Zendesk study shows that the reward for investing in high quality phone-based customer support will be loyalty and sales growth: 75% of consumers say they would return to a company with excellent customer service and recommend this company to their (multichannel) network.

TeleForwarding, a global service provider that delivers international toll-free numbers, underlines the importance of providing excellent phone-based customer service and sees a growing demand for its toll-free numbers to ensure such high quality phone support. General Manager Hans Lasonder states: "We have noticed that more and more companies and organizations are looking to complete their customer service strategy with high quality toll-free phone lines. At the same time we see an increase in phone calls to these numbers, which confirms that people still turn to the phone as the no. 1 customer service channel. With our international toll-free number solutions we provide you with the perfect tool to offer excellent phone-based customer support so you can offer your customers the perfect service experience."

Is your company ready to meet the demands of the modern consumer? With the toll-free numbers of TeleForwarding it will be. Contact us for more information at

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