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Pharmgrade to Announce Partnership with Zone Management

Pharmgrade, a leading developer and supplier of 100% organic bridge fertilizers, announces a new partnership with industry innovator and distributor Zone Management.

Pharmgrade, one of the most innovative companies in the all-natural fertilization industry, announces a new partnership with Zone Management in Southern California, Arizona, and Nevada.

The partnership with Zone Management will allow Pharmgrade to distribute their innovative, 100% natural products into new turf and sport turf markets, including Southern California, Arizona, Nevada, and Palm Springs. It will also allow Pharmgrade to move up plans of a new blending site located in Southern California to help with increased demand going into 2013.

According to Pharmgrade's Director of Sales, "We're excited to team up with Zone Management. We feel the partnership will bring strong value and awareness to the turf and sport turf industry by delivering a quality product that provides superior results." Zone management, corporate office located in San Diego California, operates in 3 states servicing the Southern California, Palm Springs, Arizona, Las Vegas Turf and Sports Turf industry.

Pharmgrade will also be debuting new products at Zone Management, including their True Compost, Supergreen 4D and Supergreen 4D Plus products, all of which are designed to provide lawn care professionals and homeowners with outstanding results based on 100% organic bridge formulations teamed with cutting edge microbial science.

Pharmgrade's Director of Sales went on to say, "We have a unique blend of products that create a sustainable growing environment for vegetables, shrubs, plants and turf. Our goal is to deliver quality products that help reduce synthetic usage, reduce water needs, and create a organic solutions. By increasing organic matter in your soils everyone wins"

Pharmgrade remains committed to developing the most effective lawn and plant care products in the industry, formulated with organic components and beneficial microbes to rejuvenate soil and provide the best foundation for plants to flourish.

To learn more about these microbe-rich products, how they can help improve the quality and sustainability of any growing area, or the new partnership with Zone Management, visit

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