Pervasive Fraud Being Committed at the US Patent Office and Against Patent Holders

We are protected from identity theft with microchips in debit and credit cards, our civil liberties are protected, we are even protected from unhealthy and unsafe food choices. So, why then, is it unreasonable to expect our Patents to be protected?

You would hope that someone couldn't just go down to the Patent Office and "borrow" your Patent, but that is exactly what happened to DefensTech Patent #6806212. In his case, the USPTO does not even have systems in place that would have sent up a red flag when this Patent was illegally switched into (4) separate entities.

The Patent Office Attorney stated that he CANNOT understand how the "chain of title" was broken; i.e. it jumps from Assignee DefensTech and then simply jumps to other Assignors.

Identity theft, cyber-stalking, credit card skimming and now patent theft is the latest money-making scheme. This problem has become more prevalent at the USPTO and they are getting calls almost every two weeks of similar problems to mine. What is happening is that scammers are finding valuable Patents, filing Patent Assignments into a phony corporation and then running around raising money from people because they now claim to have an asset(s); then they run away with investor money.

Isn't it reasonable to expect safeguards that prevent people from just taking what they want? Not only is this Patent Infringement on my "EXCLUSIVE RIGHTS" to the Title and Interest; but isn't it also Patent Theft.

The attorneys involved should be sued and subsequently disbarred as part of the conspiracy as there are also treble damages for "knowingly infringement". This Infringement was an illegal sale and the Patent Office just let it happen without question or authority.

I am considering filing a criminal case with the US Attorney's office to make an example of this increasingly prevalent problem and prevent others from "using or selling" my Patent (and other peoples Patents) and then re-assigning the patent back to the rightful owner.

Isn't it reasonable to expect safeguards at the Patent Office? Should anyone have the right to just transfer title of Patents that you don't have any legal right to? So if you want to make a quick buck, just find a valuable patent and 'borrow' it for a while….

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