Performance Monitoring Of Java / J2EE Application Using JavaMelody

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JavaMelody is an open source ( & production ready real-time performance monitoring tools to measure and calculate statistics on real operations depending on the usage of the application by users. The basic purpose of JavaMelody is to monitor Java / J2EE applications servers in QA and production environment.

It is primarily based on evolution charts and statistics of requests. JavaMelody is helpful during QA and production stages to improved application and provides facts about average response time and no of executions in the applications. It also helps us to optimize application based on response time, find its root causes and can verify the improvements based on the optimizations done in the application. JavaMelody console can provide following data :
• Number of HTTP sessions
• Opened JDBC connection
• HTTP request timings
• HTTP & SQL error logs
• CPU, memory and thread information

SPEC INDIA has wide experience in designing and developing Java and J2EE application . Recently we helped one of our clients to find the performance bottleneck and tune the application using JavaMelody. Our skilled developers used this tool to check the performance of the application and based on the charts & analysis they helped the client to optimize their application. SPEC INDIA offer Java development and well as third party QA services to its global customers for their development QA requirements.

We are a ISO 9001:2008 certified custom software development company based in India. We offer custom software development and QA services on various platforms i.e. Java, Microsoft, iOS, Android, BlackBerry, Windows Phone, J2ME etc. At SPEC INDIA, we help our clients at every stage (i.e. from requirement gathering to end delivery) to develop the solution as per their business requirements. SPEC INDIA offers java application development, J2EE application development, java enterprise application development, java software development services. We also enable our clients to hire dedicated java / J2EE developers to work dedicatedly on their project based on different engagement models that best suits client requirements.

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