Pellet Quality Affecting Factors

Making pellets is a series of different programs, and every of them all can effect the quality of pellets, so if someone wants to make good quality of pellets, he/she should understand all of these factors.

Nowadays research shows that it is not easy to make the high-quality pellets because of many factors can affect the quality of pellets. So when some people desire to start pellet business he/she must consider these factors. In the following, it will introduces some of them.

Firstly, the position of the steam boiler. The steam boiler should be put near the pellet mill in order to shorten the length of steam pipeline, especially in the north, in addition, we should give priority to oil furnace because it is very difficult for coal stove to guarantee the stability of the steam pressure. Otherwise, the moisture content of the steam is high and the steam pressure is unstable. As a result, the quality is affected.
Secondly, in the north cold winter, the steam pipeline is long;the tempering time is short and the temperature is low, what is worse, the quenched and tempered effect is very difficult to guarantee.
Therefore, it can be seen that strengthening type tempering machine is adopted in the north of large feed factory so as to ensure the tempering time and temperature. At last, the quality of pellet is guaranteed.
Noting is more important than the influence of the ring die and roller. And the clearance should be in 0.05~0.3 mm, in other words, the power of ring die rotating just can drive roller to rotate. If the clearance is big, the ability of feeding is decreased. When the pressure is less than the friction resistance between the wall of die hole and feed, the blockage will be happen.
Finally, it will affect the quality of pellets. During the production, adjust the clearance between the ring die and roller each shift before the starting of the machine. When using the old ring die and roller, we should burnish them and make their surface smooth. If the roller doesn't work well, we must change it in time. In generally, once the roller is broken, the blockage will happen and affect the quality of pellets.
In a word, the above is a part of affecting factors. If you want to know more, just follow us. Whirlston, as the experienced manufacture of pellet mills promise you the professional guidance and intimate service.

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