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Pearson Learning Taps L7 Creative For A Unique Online Solution.

Blogging to a better education: Pearson Learning Solutions was faced with a challenge requiring a unique online solution and L7 Creative was there to execute.

Pearson Learning Solutions approached West Coast digital ad agency L7 Creative with a challenge requiring a unique online solution. With three blogs, each overflowing with dynamic content, and a navigation network leading users away from online resources, they needed to create a singular cohesive blog to unite their content and articulate their company mission.

L7 Creative seamlessly fused all three blogs into a single user-friendly platform that clearly communicates the significance of life-long learning. By strategically utilizing the benefits of the WordPress CMS platform, L7 Creative was able to develop a content management interface which supports multimedia-learning modules. As a result, Pearson has been able to manage their vast amount of content with an efficient and intuitive interface.

You can experience the Pearson Blog by visiting www.pearsonlearningsolutions.com/blog. Now, more than ever, educators across the globe are able to engage with Pearson's dynamic content to enhance their learning solutions.

ABOUT: L7 Creative is a digital brand engagement agency that integrates technology to articulate creative ideas. Partnering with visionary companies to advance their marketing strategy for success in the evolving digital ecosystem, L7 Creative specializes in human digital interaction. Through focused research, careful analysis, and pure creativity, L7 Creative generates effective solutions to build brands and gain market share. With offices in San Diego and Boston, and an array of world-class talent, they have the capabilities to help you succeed in the brave new world of Digital Marketing. Be brave. Turn to L7 Creative and your brand will never be the same.

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