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Payback Migrates Its Web Portals To Content Management System From E-Spirit

PAYBACK has chosen the FirstSpirit Content Management System (CMS) from e-Spirit as the new strategic platform for its international Web portals.

PAYBACK, the leading international multipartner loyalty program and also one of the largest and most effective marketing platforms throughout the world, has chosen the FirstSpirit Content Management System (CMS) from e-Spirit ( as the new strategic platform for its international Web portals. The company operates in Germany, Poland, India, and Mexico and has localized websites in each of these markets. More than 50 million active PAYBACK customers receive special customized offers, coupons and information via the PAYBACK web portals. They also use the portals to redeem rewards, for mobile services, and to manage their personal point accounts. By migrating to FirstSpirit, PAYBACK will be able to meet the growing demand for service availability and quality on the Internet and its mobile channels due to a cost-efficient content integration platform. In addition, the FirstSpirit CMS will save time and money because it will make it easier to efficiently implement new online features and fast international rollouts.

FirstSpirit rates high regarding performance and flexibility

During the selection process, FirstSpirit's Proof of Concept beat out several other proprietary and open source systems. PAYBACK reviewed more than 500 requirements concerning flexibility, functionality, scalability, cost efficiency, customer service and performance, after which the e-Spirit solution came out on top with a considerable efficiency advantage due to its substantially lower hardware costs. In addition, the CMS was also convincing because of its capacity to integrate into the existing backend as well as its flexibility regarding frontend technologies and connecting external systems.

For integrating its external Web analysis tool and recommendation engine, PAYBACK relies on the FirstSpirit AppCenter, which enables any Web applications to be quickly and easily integrated into the CMS, thus making them centrally available. This reduces time and costs for content management tasks.
The system's comprehensive out-of-the-box functionalities as well as its modular expandability are additional impressive features that will help PAYBACK manage its international websites with greater ease and make them more user-friendly than before. One of these features is the FirstSpirit module CorporateContent, which supports PAYBACK editors in centrally updating and maintaining templates and content for different websites and portals. These can then be efficiently distributed to all related projects with the click of the mouse. Another feature is the TranslationConnect module that allows the content to be exported for the translation process in a structured format and then reimported into the relevant language in the CMS after translation, this saves additional time when preparing content.

"FirstSpirit is a flexible, upgradeable, scalable and efficient system that allows us to offer our customers and partners innovative online services, and helps us rollout international online projects efficiently and inexpensively. We now have the foundation we need to act quickly and to tap into new markets," explains Stephan Spies, team leader of Web technologies at PAYBACK GmbH.

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About e-Spirit
Founded in 1999 in Dortmund, Germany, e-Spirit ( has a growing presence across Europe and North America. The company's FirstSpirit content management system gives international companies such as Speedo, Airbus, BASF, Nintendo and many others a way to integrate complex systems and portals and provide a more consistent user experience on the Web.

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