Patrick Rettig: Doing Amazing Work for CEOs and Corporations Facing Difficulties or Financial Distress

Known By Word Of Mouth Only, Rettig Specializes In Restructuring Corporations and in Balancing the Mind, Body and Spirit of CEO's, Saving Companies from Bankruptcy. Join Patrick As He Is Interviewed By Debbi Dachinger On Dare To Dream Radio.

"The way it's supposed to be; the way it used to be; the way it could be; all that is irrelevant. We have to master the way that it is..." - Patrick Rettig

Born in St. Louis, Missouri, Rettig is the son of an Irish family. He is the product of a working man's environment. His mother and father worked twelve to fifteen hours a day for his entire life. His family pulled their money and sent him to private schools starting at the age of six. So the journey begins.

Although Rettig was highly successful in sports and academics, his yearning to make money and to be independent far exceeded his parents' dream of him graduating from a highly acclaimed military school. Rather he struck out on his own. Rettig went on to finish local Catholic high school and was on to odd jobs in motorcycle mechanics, restaurant busboy and even made his way as a switchman for the Frisco Railroad in Lindenwood, MO. Rettig was a gifted piano player his whole life and began playing Rock and Roll in the rough and tumble pubs of south St. Louis. The riverfront was an amazing experience for a young man. It is there where he learned to barter and make money. Mom and Dad opened a local neighborhood bar and Rettig Jr. helped his parents turn that establishment into a thriving local hot spot. But the young Irish man was not settled by any means. His passion for life with all that was happening was certainly not at peace. He moved to California. He began racing dirt bikes, playing the Orange County music strip and the LA scene. He began to study theater art in junior college and ultimately found himself in Loyola Marymount College as a film student. He traded favors in film school with his musical ability scoring numerous student films to negotiate for equipment and film. But that was not the miracle.

"The truth is, very few people know how to manage financial trouble gracefully. All companies, inevitably, face difficulties or financial distress." - Patrick Rettig

He graduated from Loyola Marymount and immediately went to work in special effects film and television. He was an asset to any team and was hired by Apogee Entertainment (John Dykstra) to create new ideas for toys. This was still not the miracle. Because of his eye for editing and music he was hired to fix a B rated mystery movie. This led him to the world of reorganization. He had become a film doctor for films that were not successful in the market place. What he learned was that you can't make a bad film good but that you can use a chapter 11 bankruptcy plan to help it to break even financially. That marriage of creativity and money was the beginning of a tremendous calling. That information is the miracle for Rettig.

To this day Rettig works with troubled corporations under $20 million annually. These are companies that have been left for dead and no one is interested in helping them. It is a tireless job and on many days it is a thankless one as well. However, to the American families that have another day to fight, Rettig is their last hope for survival. His techniques are unusual and his methods come from a supreme belief in Family First and the protection and survival of the American Dream. The types of companies that Rettig works with are all kinds. However, they have one thing in common. They all want to survive and work. Rettig does not work with corporations that want to sell. Rather he works with those CEOs that live and breathe their companies' dreams.

"You're completely safe with me; tell me the truth of it all... There's nothing I haven't heard, and if there is, we'll deal with that as well..." - Patrick Rettig

Rettig is currently residing in Los Angeles. He is working with no less than 25-30 corporations at a time. Rettig allows two weeks consultation free in an effort to deduce if the corporation will work with him correctly. Some people stay with Rettig for a few years. Others stay forever. His business plan is simple. Everybody pays a little bit so that all can enjoy a good CFO. Rettig's mission statement is to help as many people as possible.

His company car is a Ducati Superbike. On many days during the week he is arriving from point A to point B in one of two airplanes that he flies himself. He is a faithful man and plays soulful rocking Gospel music for his church. He rides motocross two days a week. He enjoys boxing workouts in the off-season. As he tells his clients, never give up your dreams whatever they are. In his spare time if any, Rettig continues to write and produce his own musical albums, raises money for his church, and is an avid writer of short stories and action oriented scripts. He is a father of two daughters that he loves with no end. When asked what Rettig stands for, his reply is always the same: "God, Mom, Dad, apple pie and the USA."

To learn more, listen to Debbi Dachinger as she interviews Patrick Rettig on Dare to Dream radio, listen via podcast at: Debbi's Dare to Dream radio show is a syndicated, multi-award winning program, featured in news sources around the world. Dachinger is a bestselling author, keynote speaker and media personality. Dare to Dream radio airs live on the following networks: Indie 100 Morning Inspiration show (Burbank, CA); it is also syndicated on WROM Radio (Detroit), WHTB (Massachusetts), Butterfly Radio (Florida), Triangle Variety Radio (USA, Japan, Canada, UK and Australia) and AirCheck (Florida) - all stations also stream worldwide.

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