Patients Have Weighed In: Patients Want Convenience

Let help you maximize your clientele, increase revenue in the office

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Patients have weighed in: Patients want convenience

Let help you maximize your clientele, increase revenue in the office

Your existing clientele as well as your recently generated clientele will definitely appreciate the convenience

Here are just a few great reasons:


• Real-time 24/7 booking appointments, via laptop and smartphone

• Text message confirmation of appointment with GPS enabled directions

• New patient forms that can be completed prior to arrival to an appointment

• Physician's bio/affiliations

• Personalized QR scan code cards for physicians


• EZDOCNOW.COM's user friendly system is designed to free up healthcare providers' staff allowing them to care for the patients in front of them

• Once the appointment is confirmed both the patient and the physician will receive confirmation via text message

• A physicians' credentials are very important to patients. EZDOCNOW.COM allows patients the ability to view and examine their potential physician's affiliations and insurance acceptance before booking an appointment.

• QR scan cards, complete with a direct link to the physicians' website.
The instant the card is scanned via smartphone the patients are able to schedule, reschedule and cancel appointments in a flash!

• Marketing Opportunities-Advertise your practice to a targeted audience seeking YOUR specialty

EZDOCNOW.COM was founded in 2010 by David Marsidi and Dr. Lawrence Hakim (Urology Chairman, The Cleveland Clinic Florida). The site promotes highly qualified physicians. The site allows patients the ability to schedule and obtain healthcare in expedited time.

If you would like more information about the site, or to learn more about the site, please call Angie Osorio at (888)262-7187 or email


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