Patent granted for Portable Electronic Medical infromation

PrivaMed Inc., a New York-based healthcare electronic records and data security company, and has been granted a patent for systems and software offered that provides a security platform for Patient Health Records.

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(NEW YORK - March 22, 2010)- PrivaMed Inc., a New York-based healthcare electronic records and data security company, announces that it has been granted a patent by the US Patent Office. The patent describes a secure, portable, electronic database, containing the patient's full medical records. The method can be implemented on various portable devices that can be carried by patients, and presented to different providers.
This method can also be implemented through online host systems.
Providers have different levels of access to the data on the database, depending on their credentials and the data added by each provider is digitally signed and is "trusted".

With the successful granting of this patent, PrivaMed began working on different implementations of the method for smart cards, USB memory drives and mobile phones.
Because , the stored data is encrypted and can be accessed only by authorized parties, this method can be implemented for storage of patient data records online as well as on a variety of mobile devices. In all cases, the method meets all HIPPA security requirements.

"The approval of the patent validates our vision of how to securely store, access, and present health data records on a variety of different devices and host based systems." said David Asay, CEO of PrivaMed Inc. "We believe that this patent will bring tremendous efficiencies to the patient information transaction processes and great savings to the entire healthcare system".
M. Aaron Karimzadeh, PrivaMed's President, said, "While the US health care system is going through major changes, our solutions utilizing this technology, will remain effective for a wide range of implementations.
The technology gives patients wider flexibility of choice to visit different Health care providers; and allows each provider to see the patient's complete and up to date medical records, instantly. The information available to provider can include every large radiological images".

Providers can securely upload patient data records to regional servers that will act, not only as a safe and secure backup for the patient's ;data but also as a platform for remote accessing data records by provider personnel with the appropriate credentials. The system will also produce a remarkably suitable platform for managing, handling, and processing providers' transactions, including patient/provider authentications and HIPAA transactions.

PrivaMed is a medical technologies development company, located in Carle Place, New York.
Its team members include technology specialists, medical scientists security experts, and business managers, while its Advisory Board is made up of high ranking subject matter experts, and Medical experts

For all investment and partnership opportunities please contact the company President, M. Aaron Karimzadeh: or call 516-338-8880.


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