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Paramount California Is Making It Big All Around the Social Media with Its New

Your life doesn't get better with chance it gets better with change and Paramount California University is bringing change all around the world through its social media campaign by the name of "Be the change".

Initiator of Paramount California University's "Be the change" campaign said "This campaign has bought countless smiles all around, it has given people a chance to look at the brighter side of life" he further added "it's just so over whelming to see such a small initiative turning out to make a such strong impact all around the world"

Paramount California University has a stream of activities lined up for people to follow, ideas that can be picked up by people from all around the world and can be included in their lives - Jamie Lee shared a couple of changes that he made in his life altogether, he said "After getting acquainted with be the change campaign I started smiling a little more than the usual, people around me were pleased by my this act and made my day positive"

This positivity is not only shared by the students of Paramount California University but is also celebrated wholly amongst other faculty member and alumni's! Paramount California University has been sharing stories and posts through social media to spread awareness of "Be the Change" campaign. Till now people have shared what they are proud of and how they feel about it. This do-good campaign is brightening up everyone's day.

Thomas Vector from Alabama shared his experience with Paramount California University about do-good experience and how he became a part of Paramount's " Be the Change " experience , he said " For one day I helped an old lady- did her grocery shopping , picked up her belongings and helped her get to a cab . It wasn't something too much but how it felt was just simply amazing"

"It is just the beginning of it" -says the head of marketing department of PCU - he further explained how this campaign will change people's perspective and make them take a more positive approach towards life. According to Head of Marketing Department "Positively can change you and one amendment can flip the whole of you"

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At Paramount California University, students earn a valuable degree, but even more importantly in today's global economy, professional credibility and the skills necessary for a thriving career. Our handpicked diverse faculty consists of appointed scholars, business leaders, and industry experts to give our students access to the best thought leaders from around the world.

Our distinctive degree programs are designed to match global trends, and the demands of non-profit organizations, non-governmental agencies, and multi-national corporations, the world over. All of our degree programs are self-paced, and designed for flexibility; when trying to maintain a career, a family, and other personal commitments, we believe it is essential that degrees have the ability to adapt to the needs of the students

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