ParadigmNEXT Launches STATUS Media Into Dual Publication Platforms

ParadigmNEXT and STATUS Media partner-up to take on the world of magazine publication.

In an effort to make STATUS Media an early leader in covering European luxury styles and products, co-founder, Yana Nirshberg, solicited assistance from ParadigmNEXT, a business consulting and online optimization firm. As she exclaims, her response to the partnership was very positive: "To be a successful publisher in 2013, you have to have a strong digital presence. By hiring Anatoly Nirshberg of ParadigmNEXT, STATUS was able to secure that and more."

In support of their efforts to capture an immediate online audience, STATUS Media sought out ParadigmNEXT for creation of an intuitive and user-friendly online publishing platform. The innovative platform aimed to not only boost online readership but also to significantly streamline the online publishing process for the small start-up. Thanks in large part to the partnership, STATUS Media believes they are well on their way to bridging the divide between digital and print publication.

Often considered cumbersome and costly for small-scale publishers, STATUS Media was able to capitalize on the experience of ParadigmNEXT to edge out a competitive advantage by offering print and online alternatives for readers. STATUS executives acknowledged that this divide was a problem faced by many publishers across America, requiring each company to re-evaluate their site design and functionality as print readership declines.

Entering the market with an immediate online presence, STATUS Media now stands out as a successful magazine start-up. ParadigmNEXT even provides a continual campaign to improve online readership, working with STATUS Media to advance the way they deliver content online. In a web-centric world, ParadigmNEXT Ideation Director, Anatoly Nirshberg, believes that "no publication group can afford to overlook the need for an intuitive online platform."

ParadigmNEXT worked with STATUS Media from the very early stages of start-up, providing their services for art direction, brand integration, web and mobile development, strategy consultation, user research, and social media integration. As part of their final product, ParadigmNEXT went deeper into the project to consider the user interface and user experience. This attention-to-detail allowed ParadigmNEXT to create a custom content management system (CMS) that empowers STATUS Media to continually stay on top of their readership demands.

In creating this custom content management system, ParadigmNEXT pulled out all the stops. Anatoly Nirshberg noted, that "the publication team knew they needed an easy-to-integrate and customizable WordPress VIP platform for STATUS' network of sites. STATUS also needed a web design team that understood the modern web from both a design and user functionality perspective." Led by Anatoly Nirshberg, ParadigmNEXT delivered with a team of experienced developers, designers, and project managers.

During the design and development process, ParadigmNEXT sought to study how users consume information and navigate websites. Beta testing the STATUS Media site, developers were able to hone in on page views, site traffic, and popular content to which they could assign greater hierarchy. In completing the study, the ParadigmNEXT development and discovery team did a comprehensive job helping STATUS Media to effectively define its audience.

In what has been one of ParadigmNEXT's most extensive projects to date, user discovery information from the study became the basis for a custom WordPress VIP design. After viewing heat maps of user page views and scrolling patterns, designers were able to condense pages and incorporate easy navigational tabs with logical content locations. The firm's developers even integrated social media platforms to allow readers to recommend stories and comment with Facebook, Twitter, and other platforms. Finally, the firm utilized third-party integration on the platform to natively tie in an online video plug-ins and a social login authentication provider that eases use and processes.

The results: a new platform that allows for editors, reporters, and contributors to upload content cleanly, efficiently, and consistently.

Yana Nirshberg and the team at STATUS Media could not be happier. Ms. Nirshberg exclaimed, "In less than a month, Anatoly delivered an exceptionally designed and well thought through website that insured ease-of-use and promoted social sharing. A digital copy of the magazine was also integrated via flipboard, which increased our web presence and made STATUS more competitive in terms of digital ad placements." In working with ParadigmNEXT, Ms. Nirshberg believes that, "Anatoly's execution of brand continuity via all social, digital, and print mediums is nothing short of excellence. For any business, it is essential to be able to find a trusted vendor that delivers on time and within the budget. With that said, Anatoly and his team are masters of their domain."


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