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Pallet Count With Kingfisher

Kingfisher offers a handy and easy to use pallet counting guide.

One unique and key feature of Kingfisher Bonnington Plastics' website is their pallet estimation key. A handy key, situated at the top of every page when customers are placing orders. Here, there are simple symbols to indicate pallets and products, and underneath is written "Your order will arrive on [x] estimated pallets." A wonderful idea for multiple reasons. For most this acts as a handy estimation of how much shipping will be when a number of pallets are full. It also means when a retailer receives their shipment from Kingfisher Bonnington Plastics, they are aware of roughly how many pallets they are due to receive.

Knowing how many pallets an order will take up is an advantage to retailers for many reasons. One advantage of having pallet information is retailers are able to be sure they have adequate space within their stock rooms in order to accommodate the new pallets and products on their way to them. A cleverly thought out floor plan will allow retailers ample time to accommodate for new stock, giving them organised and well planned areas of particular products. Knowing how many pallets are on their way to a store is a way to guarantee there will be no overlapping over products and there will be ample space for more.

Giving some thought in to pallet numbers is also a way for some stores and retailers to truly evaluate their stock levels. For some whom may have factories which allow for drop shipping, it can be handy to know how much will be on the way, as they could be able to afford more room and space within their factory or warehouse. Having a clear notation on how many pallets are within a stock line is a good way to be sure of when stock is running low.

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