Over-the-top HDMI Wifi Stick

IMJ Corporation, based Tokyo, Japan introduces Over-the-top TV Stick for Connected TV experience . Very small android-based HDMI WiFi Stick gives rich and intuitive experience with user's smart phone.

IMJ Corporation, a leading system integrator of web and mobile solutions today introduced MGS, a breakthrough Android-based HDMI Television Stick.

With MGS, a user can turn any Television with an HDMI input into an Android-based interactive smart television ("iTV"or "SmartTV") that can access and stream cloud-based content, native media and mobile applications from a user's phone. MGS comes with an SDK of its patent-pending technology that turns a user's smart phone into an interactive remote controller.

Built with a dual core CPU based on Android OS, MGS runs multiple Android applications. It also comes with WiFi and a hardware accelerator for handling full HD movie codecs including H.264, MPEG4-AVC, and AES encryption, and cryptography.

MGS is the size of a USB thumb drive (2.5 inches), so fits easily into a user's pocket and allows content portability. With asynchronous or mirrored screen experiences, users benefit by being able to access, consume, and view all their favorite smart phone applications and content (games, films, TV shows, music, music videos, social applications, IM, or video chats) on a larger screen.

MGS comes built with Marlin DRM, a Hollywood-approved standards-based DRM for content protection. IMJ has licensed the Marlin solution, including the WasabiTM Marlin Client SDK from Intertrust Technologies, the only 3rd party vendor for a comprehensive Marlin DRM solution. Tamper resistance for the device's application layer is provided by Arxan Technologies, the world leader in application protection solutions.

"IMJ has developed a truly innovative product that will enable consumers to access content anytime, anywhere," said Yutaka Nagao, general manager of Intertrust Technologies Japan. "As more and more content providers realize there is a transparent, consumer-friendly way to protect content, the consumer wins because more products such as MGS come to market."

"MGS is a highly innovative solution that provides consumers with premium entertainment and portable information anytime, anywhere with an elegant approach that uniquely leverages both leading technology platforms, as well as pre-owned devices," said Mike Dager, CEO,Arxan Technologies. Arxan applauds such innovation and is proud to provide best of breed security for defense-in-depth content and application protection as part of IMJ's groundbreaking launch of the TV Stick. As diverse platforms, such as smart TV, tablets, smartphones and mobile devices, including MGS, continue to revolutionize the delivery of premium content and social media applications for today's multi-screen demands, Arxan is able to provide multi-platform security that enables application developers and content owners throughout the digital ecosystem to embrace innovation, such MGS, in a secure and seamless manner."

MGS also includes DashBid's online and mobile video advertising platform for content publishers, as its exclusive advertising platform for the U.S. and Canada. This allows for RTB (real time bidding), RTD (real time delivery), and integrated management of video advertising and mobile couponing to support rapid growth of market.

"The next five years will be a very exciting time for consumers, content publishers and advertisers as interactive capability on television sets becomes standard and our device and screen experiences continue to converge," said Drew Stein, CEO of DashBid, "Specifically for advertisers and content publishers, the ability to buy and sell targeted advertising inventory and place interactive ads on a TV set as well as manage integrated advertising campaigns across web, mobile and iTV from a single platform will be a breakthrough."

MGS will be available in Fall 2012 between $50 - $90 per unit depending on volume discounts and the amount of customization required. Initially, it will be manufactured by IO-DATA DEVICE, Inc., and Kaga Electronic Co, Ltd. on second, both top-tier manufacturer in Japan with a cooperation of Renesas Electronics Corporation.

Details of the MGS, new device are at www page, 100% subsidiary company of IMJ; http://www.imjbb.com/ .

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*One of the DRM enabled player had been joint developed by Advanced Communications; one of the unique system integrator focused in Japan market.


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