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Optimized Fleet Management At XXXLutz And Hermes By Comm.fleet

XXXLutz in the Czech Republic and the German company Hermes rely on the proven skills of community4you's fleet management software

Since 1945 the XXXLutz group has established itself as the second largest retailer for branded furniture in the world. Each year an average of six new furniture stores have been established in various European countries. An optimal management of the fleet of vehicles at each location is a prerequisite in order to support the ongoing expansion of the company effectively. Following the successful launch in Austria the fleet management software comm.fleet is now also operated by XXXLutz CZ s.r.o. Czech Republic where it ensures the effective management of all fleet-related business processes.

The flexible use of the comm.fleet software both in the Czech Republic and in Austria is made possible by the international structure of the system with regard to multilingualism, multi-currency and multi-tax rate capability. The fact that comm.fleet has already proven itself in the Austrian practice and that it is also offered entirely in Czech made it extremely easy for us to decide in favor of this product also for our subsidiary in Prague, says Mr. Florian Schneickhart, fleet management department at XXXLutz Austria.

Hermes, one of the top service providers in the field of logistics manages its fleet with the support of comm.fleet.

The Hermes Logistics Group Germany (HLGD) is one of the largest German service providers in the field of logistics with more than 13,000 deliverer daily supplying up to 1.5 million customers. With over 14,000 parcel shops the company has a nationwide presence in Germany. In the future, the administration of all 1,500 company cars and trucks, some of which are leased to subcontractors, will be operated by Hermes with the proven fleet management software comm.fleet.
Within the leasing process the subcontractors were usually charged by means of a single annual calculation with regard to the respective rental fee. This process will be clearly structured and handled by the integrated short-term rental module of comm.fleet in the future.

Hermes will use the innovative fleet management system comm.fleet for the entire vehicle life cycle of its fleet - starting with the procurement of a vehicle until its sale or the remarketing process. Particularly the claims management module is an important feature for Hermes: in case of a damage, the cost of the deductible of the insurance are easily and quickly passed on to the contractors who have rented their vehicles from Hermes, stresses Mr. Amadeus Kurz, Head of Department at the Hermes Logistics Group GmbH Germany, including the area fleet management.

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