OPSHID Commemorates 84th Sumpah Pemuda Anniversary with Unveiling of Unique Monuments on October 28th

The Youth Organization of Shiddiqiyyah (OPSHID) in Indonesia marks October 28th, 2012, as a historic day of presenting Sumpah Pemuda Monuments.

Started in October 28, 1928, Sumpah Pemuda Day or the Youth Pledge Day is considered historic day in the national awakening that led to the independence of Indonesia in August 17, 1945. Heralding its 84th anniversary this year, Sumpah Pemuda Day celebrations throughout the country will be spearheaded by the Youth Organization of Shiddiqiyyah (OPSHID).

OPSHID is an advocacy group from Islamic Sufism Shiddiqiyyah orders. It aims develop the potential of youth to implement the union of faith and humanity, while also actualizing love for the homeland.

The 84th year celebration of Youth Pledge Day on October 28th, 2012 will highlight OPSHID's presentation of phenomenal monuments of Sumpah Pemuda. The event is a realization of gratitude of Cinta Tanah Air (the love to homeland of Indonesia from OPSHID members.

In particular, the monument groundbreaking will be officially commenced on September 15th, 2012, and is estimated to involve, until completion, over 1,000 young people from 50 districts and cities in Indonesia including all committees, volunteers, cooks, architects and artists. The building process is ultimately set to take 40 days, up until the scheduled presentation on October 28th.
Unlike typical monuments, the Sumpah Pemuda monument is extremely unique, much as it is meaningful. Not shaped in sculptures, towers, gateway, historical texts or other symbols usually for display only, the historic monument is designed as Rumah Layak Huni Shiddiqiyyah or a tangible, livable home, stretching across an average area of 5x7 meters.

Construction of the Sumpah Pemuda monuments came to be in 2010 under the guidance of The Honourable Mursyid Thoriqoh Shiddiqiyyah, Kyai Muhammad Muchtar Mu'thi. Up to now, it has 71 monuments have spread across 30 districts and cities in Indonesia. From 2012 thereon, a monument will be centrally built in starting from the city of Jombang, in addition to the 30 monuments that stand on 12 Indonesian districts.

All in all, there are 101 Sumpa Pemuda monuments across the country as of 2012. The scheduled presentation of another monument during the 84th anniversary of the historic day marks another milestone.

To know more about the Sumpa Pemuda Day celebrations across Indonesia and the presentation of the historic monument, please visit http://tsp84.opshid.org for information.

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