OnPrintShop Offers Online Trade Printer Solution

OnPrintShop has developed an online Trade Printer Solution to allow printers to create a strong affiliate or reseller network and take advantage of new business opportunities.

OnPrintShop has developed an online Trade Printer Solution to allow printers to create a strong affiliate or reseller network and take advantage of new business opportunities.

In recent times the reseller model of doing business has become highly popular. Today printers are affiliating with each other to offer new products and services to their customers and enjoying mutual growth. They are creating strong networks and passing on business opportunities to each other. OnPrintShop understands critical aspects of a trade printer and has been supporting different affiliate models for last 4 years in USA, Australia, Canada, Africa, Malaysia, and Singapore.

OnPrintShop's online Trade Printer Solution allows a printer to establish online affiliate network and manage it from single place.

The solution is highly user friendly and comprises of:
1. Marketing Website
2. Affiliate Web Stores
3. Customizations

The marketing website allows printer to offer various affiliate models. A printer can manage different affiliates from this single website and generate necessary business reports for each affiliate. This marketing website can be customized to meet business strategies of the printer.

The affiliate website is a web store that has personalized branding of the affiliate or reseller. This web store has an integrated online designer studio for creating product designs online or personalizing available templates. The affiliate website has corporate and retail stores for different end users. The corporate store or B2B customer portal can be used to display corporate specific products, templates, and prices. The affiliate admin can manage products and design templates. He can also manage web store content.

The solution has a standard quote system, an online payment gateway, and a shipping gateway. The solution has customizations for marketing website and affiliate website depending on the printer's requirements.

"Our solution generates a print-ready vector-based file as final output from the affiliate web stores", states Mr. Naresh Bordia, VP Business Development, OnPrintShop-Radixweb. "This file can be put into print workflow directly without any other processing", he adds.

Trade Printer Solution also has a centralized admin panel from where the trade printer can manage affiliates, business, and create several affiliate web store admins. These affiliate admins can be delegated selective control.

So what benefits does this online trade printer solution have for printers?
• Increase in orders: Get print orders from affiliates' customers
• Increase business reach: Expand into different regions with affiliate network
• Offer New Products: Use affiliate network to offer new products to existing customers
• New Revenue Channel: Each affiliate is a new revenue channel
• Optimize Operations: Manage multiple business opportunities using same team

To know more about the trade printer solution visit http://www.onprintshop.com/trade-printer-solution.html.

Contact OnPrintShop consultant at http://www.onprintshop.com/contact-for-web-to-print-solution.html to request a solution demo.


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