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Only Won to Premiere "Dim Sum" Video Before Chinese New Year

Rap artist, Only Won will debut his long-awaited music video for his song, "Dim Sum". The versatile rapper, singer, and songwriter once again proves that breaking through Asian stereotypes can be playful, but still evoke meaning.

Asian-American rap artist, Only Won(www.onlywon.com) will unveil his official video "DIM SUM", a song that extols this favorite style of Chinese food prepared in appetizer-style portions, usually steamed and served in steamer baskets. With a melody that infuses traditional Chinese song elements with hip hop beats, "DIM SUM" describes the excitement of eating dim sum and should resonate well with non-Asians, as this style of dining has become popular in American culture. The video also is a mini featurette with a kung-fu fight scene reminiscent of Jackie Chan movies.

Only Won wrote DIM SUM over a year ago and the song quickly become a fan favorite receiving multiple requests to release an official video. His team comprising of director, Jason Poon (Fung Brothers videos) and director of photography, Nate Fu (Co-Director and DP for KevJumba's new feature film) came up with the concept of an old-world Chinese feel to the video. In early 2012 began to assemble a cast and crew with Asian backgrounds and looks. "It was important to cast an all-Asian group for the video in order to be authentic with the time period and visual concepts," says Only Won.

The video will debut to a soft audience of fans and bloggers who have been anticipating its release. The public debut will be available on YouTube on January 23, 2013, as a lead-in to Chinese New Year, which will be on February 10, 2013.

Fans and followers can go to www.onlywon.com for the YouTube link or go directly to www.dimsum.onlywon.com to view the DIM SUM video.

About Only Won:
Only Won (www.onlywon.com) aka The Lyrical Engineer (also the name of his full-length album released on LOG Records) is a Chinese-American rap artist and actor. With a musical style influenced by Run DMC, dc Talk and T-Bone, American-born Only Won breaks the "Asian" barrier by demystifying stereotypical labels of Asians. He infuses pop culture, popular mainstream music, and a little bit of parody in his musical projects. When not writing and performing songs, Only Won is a licensed mechanical engineer by trade. He recently gained national attention from the White House with his video "I Wanna Be an Engineer" and is working with them to encourage engineering students to not give up on the difficult major. He often collaborates with his wife, Larissa Lam, who provides musical vocals to his songs, such as Cantonese Boy, a viral parody of the song American Boy by Kanye West and Estelle, Only Won recently lent his rapping talent to the Square Enix game, "Sleeping Dogs", writing two Cantonese raps for the video game set in Hong Kong. Follow Only Won on www.facebook.com/onlywon and Twitter @OnlyWon, #iluvdimsum.

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