Online Reputation Management Expert, Steven C. Wyer of Reputation Advocate, Signs With The Dunham Group to Expand Publishing and Web-Based Initiatives

The Dunham Group is pleased to announce its global representation from Reputation Advocate's Steven C. Wyer to extend both their global intellectual property and online defense strategies for clients.

As social media networks expand and user-created content is published online, the importance of brand and reputation management grows as well. Blogs, Facebook, Twitter, MySpace and LinkedIn have made it possible for anyone to spread derogatory opinions that can end up damaging the image and reputation of a person, brand or company. With millions of users online, both businesses and individuals must take into account this real threat.

Unfortunately, many individuals are left unprepared and ill equipped to handle such situations. To help address this growing problem, The Dunham Group announces the representation of Steven C. Wyer for intellectual property and publishing rights addressing online defense strategies and online reputation management. Steven C. Wyer's approach to educating, teaching and service through organizations such as the Better Business Bureau in Middle Tennessee addresses the underlying core needs of many people.

Wyer makes it easy for clients to understand all the possible angles to help restore their overall branding and public outlook. "Steve has a way of explaining it that connects with people. They don't have to be tech savvy and understand all of the details to learn the basic steps for online defense," says David Dunham of The Dunham Group.

Reputation Advocate's Steven C. Wyer is able to bring to light a multiple prong, multifaceted solution to help bring clients out of the negative light back to a positive outcome. With clients ranging from attorneys, individuals involved in the medical profession, investment banking firms, as well as both private and public companies, Reputation Advocate can handle both large and small entities. In addition, Steven C. Wyer will be releasing a new book "Violated Online" in 2011 and will be a guest speaker for various media events nationwide.

With over 33 years of publishing experience in management, representation and brand-building, The Dunham Group can help expand the commercial value of artists, authors, actors and other talent. Partnering with Steven C. Wyer, they will develop licensing, product development, endorsements and web-based initiatives relating to online slander and defense strategies. The Dunham Group has published two dozen New York Times bestsellers with total sales of more than 15 million copies collectively and over 500 books spanning its extensive operation.

"By combining David's experience and relationships with the critical need for information and our experience dealing with hundreds of people, I believe that we can equip companies and professionals from all walks of life to defend themselves and insure that they are not violated online," explains Steven C. Wyer.

Steven C. Wyer may be reached through The Dunham Group at 615-342-0060 or by email at

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