On Call Childcare on Demand in Miami-Dade & Broward Counties- On Call & Corporate Nanny Services

Elite Nannies On Call- a specialized nanny agency with branches in Broward and the Palm Beaches, revolutionizes the child care industry by providing on demand child care placements with exceptional nannies who are a notch above the rest.

A scenario too well known to all parents is waking up to your little one being ill and having an important meeting at work that needs to be attended to that day with no back up childcare in place?

Any working parent today knows the stressors that come along with having a family and a career, and trying to balance the two.
Miami based Entrepreneur Thalya Olmos launched Elite Nannies On Call when, as an Executive Director of a non-profit school located in South Florida , she recognized the undue stress placed on the parents when they could not find quality backup childcare for their child for all the reasons above and more. With her expertise and knowledge in providing exceptional client services and eight years in human resources and organizational management, Ms. Olmos has demonstrated her ability and compassion to create a business that provides a much needed service in the childcare industry while contributing to her community, most importantly the children, our future.

"We are not your average Nanny Agency; we are the first and only to train our nannies in developmental and child psychology. Elite Nannies On Call combines this highly effective training with frequent opportunities for children to develop within themselves the intrinsic motivation that satisfies the inner self. As well, we lead the industry by being the first Nanny Agency in South Florida with our Special Needs Division for childcare placements which focuses on specialized care in developmental disabilities, Autistic Spectrum Disorders, behavioral challenges, ADD and ADHD, and more. We truly want to make a difference with the families with whom we serve, that is our mission, we don't just provide a nanny referral service."

Elite Nannies On Call has an exceptional nanny candidate pool of over 50 nannies, a management team, and serves Miami-Dade, Broward, and the Palm Beaches.

The on call services expand not just to private families but to corporations as well. Elite Nannies On Call's Corporate Backup Childcare Program "fills in the gap" and complements existing backup or corporate childcare facilities. Thalya Olmos truly shines in the community, as she is driven to help working families with Elite's On Call Services that help find the work/life balance they long for and need.

Elite Nannies On Call's services offers nannies on call every day to provide emergency care for families who find themselves in unplanned situations; they also help companies find the right solution that ensures the highest return on investment.

For companies and corporations the service pays for itself. Parents are provided with nannies that are trained and experienced to help in early childhood development, and businesses from all industries are strengthened by Elite Nannies On Call because employee satisfaction, retention, and productivity increase when employees have access to quality backup childcare whenever they have a breakdown in their usual care.

"The future of a child's development depends on a society's ability to foster health & well-being to nourish all children to become tomorrow's citizens, workers, leaders, and parents. This is how we run Elite Nannies On Call, with this notion in mind, as our overall mission in providing our services," Ms. Olmos states.

For more information regarding childcare placement plans, including corporate childcare and on call services, please visit http://www.elitenanniesoncall.com or call (954) 319- 4441 in Broward or (305)771- 3816 in Miami-Dade.


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