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What brings to the reader is more than just facts; it offers a course of action that the reader can take that will allow them to better manage any situation.

Most of the news we read in our daily paper, hear on our morning drive to work or watch on the television is determined by a small group of people. While this information generally presents the simple facts of a story it often fails to present the most important aspect of the story, how it affects your daily life. Knowing the who, what, where, when and why of what's being reported is certainly valuable but if you don't know how it plays into your everyday life and what it could mean to you then you're not truly being informed.

It is the goal of to offer a legitimate alternative to what is being delivered by mainstream media, an outlet where readers can not only stay up-to-date with the most important issues facing our country but also understand how those issues work their way into how we will make decisions for the health and security of our family.

As it stands now most people see the news being driven by one of two camps; those who support the left-leaning agenda of the Obama administration or those who support the right-leaning agenda of the conservative opposition. Under this system it's almost impossible to find the real truth as the news is delivered in a manner that serves to bolster the message of either side. Pieces of the story that support their message are argued while the other pieces of information are cut because they might damage the impact of that argument.

Because is a fiercely independent news outlet dedicated to providing the whole truth without influence form the status quo readers get a complete picture of what's really happening, not only in regards to the policies decided in Washington but in the cities and states that make up our country.

The issues tackled by go right to the heart of the story, whether they are about the economic impact of the decisions made by our "representatives" in D.C., the threat to our civil liberties in regards to policies passed by lawmakers, the ever-present risk to our national security from terrorist organizations, the self-sufficient alternatives to government reliance for healthcare, energy and food, etc.

What brings to the reader is more than just facts; it offers a course of action that the reader can take that will allow them to better manage any situation. This can be a valuable asset not only in a time of crisis but in everyday living as well.

With articles and tips on how to grown and maintain your own survival garden, harvesting your own natural medicinal herbs for your health and alternative energy options that free you from the financial burden and unreliable constraints of the overextended power companies, OffTheGridNews brings solutions directly to its readers.

OffTheGridNews isn't about broadcasting a doomsday prophecy; it's about ensuring readers know what lies ahead and giving them the ability to plan accordingly. History has taught us that the better planned we are for certain events the more likely we are to enjoy a more positive outcome when those events begin to unfold. Relying on mainstream media means learning about those event as they unfold whereas OffTheGridNews concentrates on the signs presented days, months and years before the events occurred- giving you a better chance to be prepared.

When it comes to your personal safety and the well-being of your family your greatest act may come before any crisis strikes, be sure you have all the information before you're faced with a situation that required foresight and planning to survive.

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