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Offset Rising Fuel Costs With G4Xtreme!!

Are you looking for Better Fuel Economy, and an Overall Better Operating Engine?? If you have answered "Yes" to these questions, then G4Xtreme is the answer!!

G4Xtreme (G4X) is a product that conditions the metal surfaces throughout the Powertrain by bonding into the space lattice of the metal and acting as a Boundary Lubricant. Some of the benefits of using G4X are

• Extends equipment high temperature operating capability
• Longer oil life, reduced need and costs for oil changes
• Minimizes sludge and deposits for trouble-free operation and long filter life
• Maintains viscosity and film thickness at high temperatures
• Exceptional low temperature performance, including start-up
• Reduces overall friction with potential for reduced power consumption
• Protects equipment and extends life; minimizes unexpected downtime and extends service periods
• Provides excellent performance in terms of rust and corrosion prevention, foam control, and reduced operating costs

Harmon Oil of North Branch, MI has been conducting an Measurement and Verification (M&V) on G4X and the claims that are made from September 2013 through January 2014. Harmon Oil based their M&V strictly on monitoring their fuel consumption on 4 local delivery trucks and 2 over the road trucks in their fleet with G4X and without G4X. The reported local delivery trucks had a pre-treatement MPG of 4.34 and with G4X had a post-treatment MPG of 4.69, while the 2 over the road trucks had a pre-treatment MPG of 5.72 and with G4X and a post-treatment MPG of 8.32.

Harmon Oil has been in Fuel and Oil delivery for 30 years and have tried many solutions to increase their fuel economy. They are very impressed with the results of G4X and were shocked that it lived up to the claims. They are a real believer and fan of G4X and recommend anyone or company in Transportation or just looking to increase their fuel economy should be using G4X.

For more information on G4X go to their website at or email to

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