Odimax at Collision Conference 2014 as a World-Class Startup

Odimax Attends Collison Conference in Downtown Las Vegas as a World-Class Startup

Odimax, a social media analytics firm that helps B2B and B2C businesses generate revenues from social media, will be exhibiting at the Collision Conference on May 13, 2014 in Downtown Las Vegas.

Chosen as a 'leading startup' as a part of the conference's Collide programme, Odimax will be exhibiting the power of selling through social media platforms to some of the leading innovators, tech experts and influencers of the world. There is a huge potential for social selling, but businesses up till now have struggled for generating revenue and demonstrating considerable ROI from their social media campaigns. Odimax makes use of its innovative technologies to recognise the digital users who have a real intention to buy and delivers those qualified social sales leads to their clients for sales conversion. Atal Malviya, the CEO of Odimax says, "We want to take the risk away from our clients, so we only charge them when qualified leads are delivered. There are no up-front costs, no software to install, and no training is required - our technology and team do the leg-work to find qualified leads so your sales team can focus on converting to sale".The Collision Conference is hosted by Dublin's Summit Team. It is their first tech conference in the United States. Over 150 top startups, 60 incredible spokespersons, 1000 tech industry leaders, influential investors as well as media will be present in the conference. Mr. Malviya says, "We're delighted to be recognised once again by The Summit team, and are excited to take our Social Selling offering and advanced technologies to a whole new audience across the Atlantic. We're looking forward to meeting and interacting with the best of the world's tech industry over the course of the conference."

About Odimax :Odimax Ltd (http://www.odimax.com) offers social sales lead generation services to B2C and B2B companies. It was founded in 2011 by Atal Malviya as a social media analytics firm. Since its inception, the company has developed advanced technologies taking advantage of the opportunities presented to the businesses by spread of social media. Combining their innovative technology with the proficiency of social media engagement team, Odimax help businesses generate real revenue from social media.
For further Information Contact: Website: http://www.odimax.com
Email: atal(at)odimax(dot)com Tweet: @atalmalviya or @odimax Phone: 0044 789 429 2296

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