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Nimble Sports Announcing Line of Gymnastic Equipment Ideal for Home Use

Both new and experienced gymnasts can now obtain the products and equipment necessary to practice at home, thanks to Nimble Sports!

Both new and experienced gymnasts can now obtain the products and equipment necessary to practice at home, thanks to Nimble Sports!

Nimble Sports is dedicated to providing a high quality selection of gymnastics equipment, including gymnastic mats, bars and balance beams. While these items are traditionally found in professional gym environments, Nimble Sports has made it their priority to offer these items at unbeatable prices that are affordable to just about any budget. This has allowed everyday consumers to purchase the equipment their son or daughter needs to improve their skills at home.

Gymnastics is a sport that requires a great deal of practice, and obtaining gym time is often easier said than done. With many of these athletes only getting to train with their coaches a few times a week, practice at home is absolutely essential. Noticing that it is nearly impossible to practice beam or bar routines at home, Nimble Sports began offering gymnastic beams and bars that cater to every skill level at affordable prices. For younger athletes, low beams are ideal for perfecting skills without risking a major fall, and for experienced gymnasts, high beams allow them to bring the competition feel home.

Gymnastic mats are also essential for home practice, and Nimble Sports carries a wide selection of sizes and colors. Additionally, not every gymnast has a great deal of space in his or her home to store equipment, which is why the ability to fold up these mats is crucial. Nimble Sports has chosen their inventory with all of these needs in mind, and they carry a wide selection of folding mats, adjustable bars and folding beams to allow for easy storage and set-up.

Quality is another major factor with gymnastics equipment, and shopping with a retailer that doesn't take this into consideration could put a gymnast's safety at risk. Nimble Sports chooses only the highest quality equipment to guarantee safety for all of their customers. A satisfaction guarantee comes standard with every order placed through their website.

Product descriptions and pricing information can be found through Additionally, all products sold through their website are proudly made in the United States of America.

About the Company:

Nimble Sports came from humble beginnings. It started off with a father wanting to build a balance beam for his daughter when she was interested in gymnastics. Considering it was his first attempt, he did a pretty good job. After some tweaking and researching, he made a few more and tried selling them on eBay, with great results.

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Company Name: Nimble Sports
Address: 1305 S. Cedar Street #407
Lansing, MI 48910
Contact Number: 1-877-628-2326

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Nimble Sports
Nimble Sports

Nimble Sports
1305 S. Cedar Street #407 Lansing
Lansing, MI 48910
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