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Nikyr Estates Limited Looks on US Market Positively

Nikyr Estates Limited builds optimistic forecasts in terms of US real estate market. Despite being in very hard state it gains popularity among foreigners.

Right now the market of the United States is in deep recession. Demand for real estate among locals is still very low. The prices for various properties also fell down sharply. In some regions of Las Vegas the commercial units decreased in price by up to 50%. Florida also lost its attractiveness among locals but suddenly gains popularity among foreign customers. More than 30% of all purchase deals were performed with the participation of a foreign client. Investors from the other countries consider this to be a good moment to buy a real estate in comfortable regions of the state. Right now both residential and commercial units are cheaper than ever.

More than 10% of all houses and buildings in the country are empty. Certain investors would like to establish a headquarter in the US as long as before they simply could not do it either due to high prices or limited supply. Now is the time for changes.

Nikyr Estates Limited also considers this to be a good time to start. Sooner or later but the real estate market of one of the biggest economies of the world will start going up. The CEO of the company state that this is a long-term investment and in the nearest future all those newly-acquired premises may not even be used. Still houses for rent in certain states are very demanded. After new credit policy of the banks and not quite convenient mortgage conditions may the citizens of US think of the opportunity of renting an apartment or flat rather than buy it at once. That is why investments in residential sector of real estate may still bring stable profit even on the damaged market of America.

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